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Waterless Restroom in the Woods

Romtec is making it even easier for our customers to buy standard Romtec restroom accessories by making them available on Amazon. Purchasing accessories through Amazon is simple and it is a part of many people’s purchasing decisions, and many people have existing Amazon accounts, making the process even simpler. Here is what you need to know about how to buy Romtec Accessories on Amazon.

Of course, you can continue to order these component from the Romtec website or place orders by calling (541) 496-3541.

First off, Amazon makes purchasing our accessories easier. Romtec is a design-build firm for buildings and structures, so our software is not optimized for individual consumer transactions. Amazon, however, specializes in these types of interactions. When you view our products on Amazon, it shows the current price, the shipping costs to your location, and an estimated shipping date. Amazon also offers a complete product description and photos. The product profiles offer a very complete look at all the information our customers typically require to make a purchasing decision.

Currently, Romtec is offering two products on Amazon. Our two most popular accessories are the white and brown waterless toilet risers with seats. These were the first to products added. When constructing a new waterless restroom, Romtec’s patented toilet risers are the best products available. You can view each product here:

In the coming weeks, Romtec will be expanding the Accessories available on Amazon to include the following products:

1) Riser Adapters
2) Riser Safety Bar
3) Waterless Urinal
4) Cleaning Brush (with extended handle)
5) Signs and Frames
6) Toilet Seat & Lid w/ Hardware
7) Stainless Steel Grab Bars
8) Toilet Paper Dispensers
9) Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
10) Soap Dispensers

Check back to this blog for updates on the Romtec products available through Amazon.

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