Site-Built Construction Advantages for Public Buildings

Roof Structure of Site-Built Building Being Installed

Romtec offers many different options for constructing public parks & rec buildings. We have designed, supplied, and constructed buildings that utilize full and partial prefabrication. We have constructed buildings with “tilt-up” components. Romtec has even used the “set-in-place” process on some of our products. The best and most reliable construction method, however, is overwhelmingly site-building structures with concrete foundations. The versatility of concrete, the availability of construction materials, and the experience of contractors all offer a myriad of advantages for public building construction projects.

Building Foundation Being Ready to be Laid

Concrete is an extremely versatile construction material, and it is used on foundation systems in virtually all forms of construction. In its most basic purpose, a concrete foundation is intended to root a building to the earth. A good foundation will make a building stronger, more durable, and better insulated. These are great benefits in any scenario, but there are some applications where any form of construction might not be possible without a poured concrete foundation. In the photo above, the site of this concession building was on the edge of a steep canyon. With a site-poured foundation engineered for this condition, this concession building is safe for years of operation since it is rooted to its location.

Construction in its many forms always follows a set of plans. Even in the best circumstances, these plans are not always able to predict the conditions of a specific site. In certain construction methods, there can be special requirements for equipment and materials, such as cranes or flood controls. In specialized construction, costs can add up quickly when accounting for changes to the planned site conditions. Site-built construction utilizes conventional materials that are readily available across the country. This allows contractors to quickly adapt to a change at the site and procure the necessary equipment to continue with construction.

Site-Built Concession Building on Edge of Steep Hill

Contractors work on all types of projects, and the vast majority of contractors are able to handle site-built construction using conventional materials. The availability of capable construction crews is a great advantage for bid projects, where the accuracy of the bid and the capability of the contractor is not always known up front. With conventional site-built construction, it is much more predictable that a bidding contractor will understand the project requirements in order to submit accurate pricing and the skills necessary to complete the project. This allows public projects to get the pricing benefits of a competitive bid without having to worry about proprietary or overly specialized construction processes.

Romtec has completed projects through many forms of construction in our 40-year history. It is always important to choose a building and construction process that are suitable to each unique project. Romtec almost always recommends using site-built construction with conventional building materials because it had tremendous advantages for public parks & rec applications. Romtec can even provide construction crews for turnkey projects. To learn more about Romtec and our construction practices, visit our construction section of the website or call us and talk to our Sales team.

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