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Skatepark Restroom and Ticket Counter
Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark, Houston, TX

Designing restrooms for urban environments can be challenging. There are wide-ranging considerations like heavy usage, crime, locating utility tie-ins, and aesthetics. Each of these areas can require substantial deliberation and research to create a successful design. Thankfully, Romtec offers a lot of design experience for urban restrooms.

The principal challenge for urban design is simply that there are more people. More use equates to more wear and tear. In order to manage the high traffic in urban environments, Romtec can provide several design options for durable hardware and fixtures. Stainless steel plumbing fixtures are common features that even upscale urban buildings have adopted. These fixtures will prove to be a benefit to durability and to a modern appearance as well.

Another option to improve the durability of an urban restroom facility is higher security door hardware and vent screens. These features will withstand abuse such as bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or even motorized scooters banging into them. On boardwalks or in park paths, there are several potential sources for damaging these features. Higher security door hardware and vent screens also protect urban restrooms from vandalism.

Crime is an unfortunate concern when designing buildings for urban environments. Aside from the door and vent screen hardware, Romtec offers security advantages with features such as timed door locks, barred windows, access gates, stainless steel partitions, or interior/exterior motion sensing lights. These features can be used in a different ways to improve the security of an urban restroom building, and using one or several might be appropriate.

Romtec also offers the Sidewalk Restroom as a restroom solution with strong security features and durable construction. The Sidewalk Restroom solves many of the concerns of urban restroom design while also being able to be located at the site of city utilities. Extending utilities to a park location can be expensive and require time, equipment, and construction zoning. It is much easier to locate the restroom facility at the location of the nearest utility tie-ins.

The Sidewalk Restroom offers simple, “set-in-place” installation. This type of installation requires minimal site preparation. This will allow city planners to locate a restroom facility in an area where it is needed while not requiring excessive planning issues for relocating public utilities. This type of construction is fast, but on a sidewalk, it is still very public. This makes appearance a prominent feature that people notice.

The Sidewalk Restroom offers unique advantages for appearance such as custom colors, graphic display options, and custom art. With the Sidewalk Restroom, urban customers can match the aesthetic of their particular city. The other Romtec restroom models also have aesthetic options fit for urban environments, such as brick, stone veneer, sheet metal siding, and fiber-cement siding. These materials are durable and can match a wide variety of urban environments.

The difficulties associated with urban restroom design are well documented, but less frequently do you hear about the success stories. This is not the case with Romtec because our urban structures are designed to withstand city environments. Romtec has numerous success stories with pre-engineered urban structures, and we are confident that your project will be the next one!

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