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  • Charming SST Prefabricated Vault Toilet

    SST® Waterless Restrooms

    Romtec’s SST® line of waterless restrooms is a great advantage for any restroom scenario where plumbing doesn’t reach.

  • Floor Plan for Large Concession Restroom

    Restroom Design and the Americans with Disabilities Act

    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) was a major piece of civil rights legislation in the United States. This law and the Amendments Act of 2008 broadly protect the rights of Americans who experience physical or mental disabilities that substantially limit one or more major life activities.

  • Concrete Masonry Unit Blocks on Building

    More Than Public Restrooms

    Anyone familiar with the Romtec brand could tell you that Romtec is all about public restroom facilities, and they would be mostly right. Romtec manufactures public restrooms.

  • Crane Placing a Sidewalk Restroom

    Advantages of Set-in-place Installation

    Romtec has provided “set in place” installation for a long time. Now, we are providing the set in place advantages to the Sidewalk Restroom. Owners can now contract for “turnkey” design, supply, and installation from a single source with the Sidewalk Restroom. The process is quick and economical.

  • Open Space on Sidewalk Restroom

    The Sidewalk Restroom AD-vantage

    The Sidewalk Restroom by Romtec is a great advertising and display tool. The standard design includes large flat steel sheets that can be applied with different options for graphics or poster display ads. There are several ways to utilize the display spaces depending on the priorities of each city. Here are some potential uses for this space.

  • Curved louvers on the Sidewalk Restroom

    A Louver of Design

    Romtec has included louvers in restroom buildings throughout our 30 year history, but maybe none have looked better than the louvers on the new Sidewalk Restroom.

  • Cost Effective Single Pitch Roof

    Shed Style Roofs

    Romtec recently reconfigured its entire product offering with new pre-engineered designs to be more affordable and cost effective. There were many methods used to save customers money, and one of those methods…
  • Custom Brick Restroom in Park

    Advantages of the Brick $#!%-house

    Romtec designs and constructs buildings with almost every type of conventional building material, and brick is one of the most time-honored and traditional materials we use. Whether on a university campus, in…
  • Convenient City Restroom on Sidewalk

    The Sidewalk Restroom

    Romtec is excited to add the Sidewalk Restroom to our expanding family of products. The Sidewalk Restroom is designed to be a safe, durable, convenient, and affordable restroom for the nation’s urban environments.

  • Finished Log Post Pavilion

    Brush Creek Pavilion

    Customers really love Romtec’s log pavilions, and this new structure at Brush Creek, Wyoming is one of the biggest we’ve built to date. Even though log pavilions are a newer Romtec product,…