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  • Covered Exterior Sink on Double Sidewalk Restroom

    Laos Transit Center in Tucson, Arizona

    The City of Tucson in Arizona needed a restroom facility that would serve its busy bus station effectively. Thousands of passengers use the Laos Transit Center daily, and the new restroom needed to handle the heavy usage of daily commuter traffic.

  • A Skate Park Restroom

    Ojai Skate Park in Ojai, CA

    In the City of Ojai, California big plans have been successfully achieved. Over the last years, the City of Ojai has wanted to rebuild the existing skate park near Chaparral High School for the community’s youth.

  • Concert in Log Post Pavilion

    South Mountain Recreation Complex, Orange, New Jersey

    South Mountain Recreation Complex in Orange, New Jersey began in 2010 with the opening of a new miniature golf course at the Turtle Back Zoo. Romtec worked with French and Parrello on this project and on several other building projects for the zoo.

  • Octagonal Buildings on Huntington Beach Pier

    Case Study: Huntington Beach, CA (Surf City, USA)

    The Pier at Huntington Beach California is a landmark attraction that focuses attention to the City center, literally extending downtown out over the water. It is an Icon that is recognized by people around the World, and home to the best surfing in California.

  • Affordable Concrete Restroom with Two Rooms

    Case Study: Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park Napa, CA

    The City of Napa needed an improvement in their existing restroom facility on their popular golf course at Kennedy Park where more than 30,000 rounds of golf are played each year. The Napa Municipal Golf Course at Kennedy Park serves the residents of Napa as well as numerous visitors touring wineries through the Napa Valley.

  • Timber Post Pavilion and Restroom

    Ronald Bridges Park Union City, GA

    Ronald Bridges Park is a neighborhood park located in the heart of a residential community in Union City Georgia. Over the past three years Ronald Bridges Park has been under construction with some great improvements. As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign “Let’s Move,” a new park playground has been built.

  • Concession Restroom with Single Slope Roof

    Case Study: Lions Field in Fullerton, California

    For nearly a decade and a half, the Lion’s Field Park in Fullerton California, has been planning to renovate their sports park. They have some much needed renovations in their plans including new restrooms and concession stands.

  • Park Splash Pad

    Case Study: Aztec, NM

    The City of Aztec in New Mexico had a nice problem on their hands when a reservoir project came in under budget: what to do with the excess funds? Romtec played a part in resolving their dilemma by installing two, turnkey restroom projects.

  • Western Themed Stucco Restroom Building

    Case Study: Turtleback Zoo’s Big Cat Exhibit

    The City of West Orange at Turtleback Zoo recently added a “Big Cat Exhibit,” to their outstanding upgrades they have been doing over the past few years. The exhibit has become very popular since it opened in 2011, bringing thousands of people in to see the big cats in their new homes; the exhibit has two jaguars and two cougars.

  • Custom Concession Restroom Facility

    Case Study: miniGOLF Safari in West Orange, NJ

    The City of West Orange, NJ just finished building their beautiful African Safari themed mini golf course. The mini golf course has become a very popular attraction since it opened a little over 3 years ago.With the mini golf course becoming so popular, the City of West Orange wanted to add a restroom/concession stand.