Custom Waterless Restroom – Chugach National Forest

The Project

The Chugach National Forest needed vault restroom facilities in some of their more remote campground sites and they wanted them to look rugged and “woodsy” in keeping with the look that says “Alaskan Wilderness”. They contacted Romtec about designing a restroom that could be used in several locations and, due to the remoteness of these sites, it would need to be waterless, yet attractive. Even more than the look and design was the challenge of getting the building to these remote locations. The Crescent Creek location would entail crossing several small bridges with very small weight limits. Everything from burros to helicopters might have to be considered.

The Solution

Romtec suggested their SST® Aspen Double style vault restroom building with a rustic cedar siding package as well as the beautiful rough-sawn post and beam covered entry. It was exactly what the National Forest was looking for and the proposed building would fit all the sites as well as meet the demands of those locations. Now Romtec had to get the building to Crescent Creek and because Romtec buildings are pre-engineered, and not prefabricated, individual material pallets and larger items could be transported by pickup truck one at a time to the site. Concrete could be taken in bags and mixed on site. It was a step-by-step process, but the finished product does not belie the difficulties in construction. A perfect model for remote construction.

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