Custom Adobe Comfort Station – Ft. Selden, NM

The Project

New Mexico’s Department of Transportation has a historical relationship with Romtec and together they have tackled numerous one-of-a-kind projects. So, it was no surprise when the Department approached Romtec about designing a comfort station structure that would match up to an existing building at one of their rest stops. New Mexico’s rest areas are often more than just stops along the highway. They are often historical locations, or special sites that offer the traveler much more than respite from the road and restroom facilities. This particular structure was an adobe style building with a single slope roof and covered entry. It was still a rest area though, so they required the most durable fixtures, partitions, and materials, to stand up to the 24-hour wear and tear that rest stops offer.

The Solution

This public restroom project really challenged Romtec to think outside of the box. Engineers had to design a unique roof structure and the walls and connections to make it work, while still utilizing their standard time-tested materials and construction practices. Romtec came up with a design, meant to mimic the existing building in structure and feel, but a little more simplified, and it worked. Romtec gave the site a very custom building, mimicking the existing structure in style, color and exterior materials. Inside the floors were tiled for a south-western look as well as standing up to wear and tear. Heavy-duty stainless steel fixtures as well as stainless steel partitions were used to increase longevity. The final project gave the DOT the commercial grade restroom facility their function demands while aesthetically blending with the existing structures and the surrounding environment in a style that says “New Mexico”. A challenging project that ended in complete success.

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