Custom Park Restroom Building – Lucerne, CA

The Project

The Alpine Park in Lucerne offers a fishing pier, picnic facilities, a playground, as well as a beautiful beach on a lake shore. The county was looking for a good-sized restroom facility to meet the needs of all of the park users, but desired a custom look and feel beyond traditional park structures. Most important was functionality, not only for those using the park, but also for those tasked with the cleaning and maintenance of the facilities. The county asked Romtec to meet all these requirements without sacrificing the aesthetics desired in the overall look and feel of the entire park and its structures. The county wanted an exterior that shows the care taken to provide a clean and usable restroom. Patrons would know from the outside that the inside is just as clean and inviting.

The Solution

The county was simply asking Romtec to do for them what Romtec does best. Design and build a restroom that meets the needs of every potential user, using the highest-grade commercial materials and fixtures, while making them easy to clean and maintain, all while giving each customer a one-of-a-kind look that speaks to the environment, the maintenance needs of staff, and the aesthetics and atmosphere of the park. Romtec designed a beautiful exterior utilizing a “river-rock” stone wainscoting and ledge topped with starkly contrasting white stucco on the upper walls. The real ‘eye-catching’ ability of this building is the hand-hewn log truss and privacy wall structures designed and built right in Romtec’s custom woodshop in Oregon. The county was amazed at the personal hand-craftsmanship available from a “commercial” restroom provider. The overall affect is a stunning statement to park usability coupled with high-end appeal seldom found in public parks. The county gets an incredibly strong building that is easy to maintain, stands up to the wear and tear of public use, and visitors get a beautiful and inviting facility that says “you are valued”.

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