Large Clubhouse Building with Open Style Windows
Clubhouse with Dining and Retail Area
Model 2305
Concession Restroom with Steep Pitch
Single Pitch Roof on Lodge with Concession Window and Multi User Restrooms
Model 2310
Lodge with Cedar Lap Siding and Stone Wainscoting
Model 2301
Lodge with Matching Waterless Restroom
Matching Lodge and Waterless Restroom Buildings
Model 2320
Lodge with Covered Entryway with Stone Wrapped Column Footers
Model 2320

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Lodges are features of many facilities like ski resorts, golf courses, rural campuses, memorials, and other facilities. These buildings can act as a retail space or information center and may provide a wide array of services, including restrooms, lodging, or food vending. Romtec offers our customers industry expertise in all of these design disciplines to fully design, manufacture, supply, and construct lodges for all types of applications.

Floor Plan of Lodge with Retail and Restroom
Name: Retail Lodge
Model: 2301
Toilets: 1 Toilets
Footprint: 952 Sq. Ft.
Features: Retail Area
Multipurpose Room
ADA Unisex Restroom
Floor Plan of Large Lodge with Service Area and Retail
Name: Retail and Service Lodge
Model: 2305
Toilets: 1 Toilets
Footprint: 688 Sq. Ft.
Features: Retail Area
Storage & Mechanical Room
ADA Unisex Restroom
Massive Lodge with Multi User Restrooms and Retail Space
Name: Large Retail Lodge
Model: 2310
Toilets: 6 Toilets
Footprint: 2240 Sq. Ft.
Features: Retail Area
Lodge Store with Storage and Restroom
Name: Store Lodge
Model: 2315
Toilets: 1 Toilets
Footprint: 579 Sq. Ft.
Features: Store Area
ADA Unisex Restroom
Multi Room Lodge with Retail Area
Name: Retail Lodge
Model: 2320
Toilets: 0 Toilets
Footprint: 1008 Sq. Ft.
Features: Retail Area
2 Staff Rooms
Back Room

Retail Lodge FAQs

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Are Romtec Lodges prefabricated?

Romtec Lodges are all designed in-house to meet the exact needs of each project in all 50 states. Our Lodges are designed as site-built, permanent buildings, and are not prefabricated or modular units, however some components of our Lodges like trusses may come pre-assembled and ready for installation by the contractor.

Can I get custom design features on my Lodge?

Yes, Romtec is a design-build firm that specializes in developing affordable custom designs to meet all types of project requirements. We have helped thousands of projects get the features they need on their Lodges. Each Romtec Lodge is drawn in AutoCAD, submitted for your approval, and submitted for approval from the local building department.

Can I get Romtec Lodge Plans in my Bid Specification Package?

Yes, Romtec helps our customers develop bid specifications that can integrate with their bid documents. Using Romtec during the specification process helps ensure that your project gets a Romtec Lodge quoted during the bid process and ultimately approved and constructed.

Can Lodges function as storm shelters?

Yes, Romtec can take any of its site-built concrete block structures and design them to withstand severe weather and act as a storm shelter. This can include traditional storm events like tornados and hurricanes, but Lodges can also be designed for mountain applications with blizzard conditions or prolonged freezing.

Can my Lodge utilize a generator for power?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply your Lodge with electrical plans and many types of generator packages. In off-the-grid applications and rural area Romtec can supply solar packages.

Can Romtec Lodges have fireplaces and chimneys?

Yes, Romtec can configure any of our Lodges to add features like fireplaces and chimneys or anything else. These can be gas units or wood burning units; Romtec can even work with local artisan builders to incorporate a custom fireplace feature.

Do Romtec Lodges have retail space available for merchandise?

Yes, all of Romtec’s Lodges include space in the floor plan that can be used for retail, equipment rental, concessions, and other activities. Romtec Lodges are designed to meet the specific needs of your application with regards to commercial activities.

How can I lower the cost of my Lodge?

One of Romtec’s specialties is in value-engineering current Lodge building designs that are over budget. Romtec can take your existing Lodge drawings and reconfigure them to lower the overall cost of your building and keep your project on schedule.

How long will it take for my Lodge to be constructed?

Most Romtec Lodges can be constructed in 7 to 8 weeks. Your construction timeline may vary between using a low-bid contractor or Romtec’s construction services, as well as the scope of work required onsite. On turnkey projects, Romtec will give you an accurate schedule for the delivery and construction of your Lodge.