Custom Restroom-Concession – Carson City, NV

The Project

A new ball field, expansion project in Carson City necessitated the addition of restroom facilities, a concession stand, and a special request for a score-keepers window, out of the hot Nevada sun. They wanted a simple and clean building, taking advantage of the natural light that is available there nearly every day of the year. The concession room needed to be a fairly large size as they would be serving not only pre-packaged foods and beverages, but also moderately prepared foods such as hot dogs, nachos, a soda machine, and more. The restroom/concession building needed to fit well with the southwestern look of the area. It needed to be durable, inviting, easy to clean and maintain, with commercial grade appurtenances able to withstand heavy and consistent usage. The concession room had to meet all Nevada and local Health Department codes for moderately prepared food service, warmed foods, but not full food service or cooking.

The Solution

Romtec designed a custom building, consisting of single-user multi-sex restrooms, a large and roomy concession area with a heavy duty roll up window, and a custom sized roll-up window for a score-keepers view of the ballfields from their own room. Romtec used heavy duty, stainless steel commercial fixtures for long life, and vandal resistance. The single user restrooms, lockable from the inside, allow for use by Men or Women, and help to ensure the facilities are utilized to their fullest capacity at any time. Romtec went with their tan colored, interlocking split-face block, which gives an appearance very close to stucco as the seams are nearly undetectable. It ties in beautifully with the southwest designs of the area and gives the building a very clean look and feel. Romtec made ample use of skylights to capture as much natural light as possible.

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