Custom Restroom – Camas, Washington

The Project

The city of Camas required a unique one-of-a-kind public restroom for a beautiful new park and tennis courts. The city wanted this park to stand out with a unique design and a look that they just couldn’t find with a prefabricated restroom. The city loved that Romtec could custom design just what they wanted, and put together the entire restroom building package kit with no extra charges for the custom design. The restroom building needed to be aesthetically pleasing, meet the needs of all park and tennis court users, stand up to heavy traffic with commercial grade appurtenances, and be inviting as well. It needed to take advantage of natural lighting, as much as possible and provide good commercial grade lighting for evening hours.

The Solution

Romtec did all of that and more. The custom designed public restroom structure used a unique patterned block in the first four rows, and one more single row just below the top. All other rows were standard split-face, tan-colored block. The visual affect is stunning and gives it a “one-of-a-kind” look that really stands out. Romtec also designed the restroom building facility to receive a custom ‘patina green’ roof, which adds to the overall visual affect of the project. Hi-Lo drinking fountains were added on the back-side of the public restroom for the park patrons as well as tennis players. Romtec used large rectangular skylights to pull in as much natural light as possible during daylight hours and used heavy-duty commercial lighting for after dark. Romtec supplied user-friendly china fixtures, but commercial grade fixtures that would stand up to heavy public use. The end result is a public restroom design that adds to the park’s attractiveness and serves the needs of all the parks patrons with a charming flair.

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