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Rustic Log Pavilion Under Construction

Romtec is excited to announce the addition of a new Construction Section to our website. The new section provides three different gallery views. Two galleries show photos of new and existing construction projects that are completed by Romtec Construction and our customer’s contractors. The third gallery shows photos of new and existing repair and remodel projects completed by Romtec. The complete new section is a great way to see real construction projects of Romtec buildings across the country.

Waterless Restroom Being Installed

The first gallery features construction projects completed by Romtec Turnkey Construction. By offering construction, customers get a one-stop-shop for the complete design, supply, and installation of a complete building. Getting construction through Romtec is one of the easiest ways to get complete building or structure. Our construction crews install public restrooms, pavilions, gatehouses, community buildings, and additional Romtec structures across the country throughout the year.

Trail Head Restroom Being Installed

The second gallery features construction projects completed by the customer’s contractor. Romtec can design and supply complete building packages, and we can also help you develop a detailed project specification to get a Romtec building through a competitive bid process. On some projects, customers are even able to self-install Romtec buildings through our complete documentation. Romtec makes it easy for contractors to quickly and accurately construct our many different building models.

Timber Post Pavilion Being Installed

The third and final gallery features remodels and repairs that Romtec has provided for existing buildings. These projects can result from outgrowing an existing facility, expanding services, “going green,” upgrading components, repairing vandalism, and more. Romtec evaluates your building and needs to create a repair design. The designs are reviewed and sealed by a licensed engineer for you state, and the remodel or repair is executed onsite. Whatever your remodel/repair needs may be, Romtec’s experienced sales and design teams will work closely with you to accomplish your specific project goals.

The new Romtec Construction Section is a great way to see real photos of construction projects for Romtec buildings. This section also shows how easy it is to get construction services performed on a Romtec building through several different options. You can get your building through a one-stop-shop approach with Romtec Turnkey Construction. You can get your building through a competitive bid process with a Romtec specification. You can also get your building remodeled or repaired by Romtec. Contact us today if you have any questions about the great construction options you have with Romtec.

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