The Sidewalk Restroom

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The Sidewalk Restroom from Romtec uses modern design principles to encourage fast use of the facility and discourage vandalism and any type of misuse. In addition to innovative designs, the Sidewalk Restroom is constructed out of solid steel components for a durable structure. The fixtures and hardware are non-proprietary and can easily and affordably be replaced in any part of the country.

The Sidewalk Restroom – FAQ

Is the Romtec Sidewalk Restroom prefabricated?

Yes, Romtec Sidewalk Restrooms are pre-fabricated units that are durable, modern structures that were designed for placement in urban settings.

Can I get Romtec Sidewalk Restroom plans in my bid specification package?

Yes, Romtec helps develop bid specifications for implementation in Bid Specification Packages. Please contact the Romtec Sales Department during the specification process to ensure that the project advances by developing a quote for approval and construction.

Does the Sidewalk Restroom’s plumbing come prefabricated as well?

Yes, Romtec’s Sidewalk Restroom is delivered with all interior plumbing installed. The customer’s project contractor will typically be responsible for bringing water and sewer connections to the construction site prior to installation.

What are the advantages of The Sidewalk Restroom?

The implementation of sidewalk restrooms in large urban areas has many advantages including the obvious public access to a restroom which increases healthy clean environments in urban districts. Romtec’s Sidewalk Restroom is designed to encourage speedy use by the public simply by implementing features that show occupancy from the user’s knees down. This feature also discourages the misuse of the facility. Additionally, Romtec has designed the Sidewalk Restroom with conventional restroom interior materials making it affordable for replacement parts and any repairs that may be needed.