Highway Rest Areas

Highway Rest Areas or DOT Rest Stops require important considerations such as the ingress and egress of vehicles and the needs of travelers.

Highway rest areas are designated areas located along major highways that are intended to provide a safe place for drivers to take a break from driving, rest, and refresh themselves. These rest areas typically include facilities such as restrooms, picnic tables, drinking fountains, and vending machines.

In addition to these basic amenities, some DOT rest areas may also offer additional services such as fuel stations, restaurants, convenience stores, and hotels. The purpose of these rest stops is to promote driver safety by providing a place for drivers to take a break when they become fatigued or need to use the restroom.

Rest areas are often located at regular intervals along major highways, typically every 50-100 miles. They are typically maintained by state or local transportation departments and are funded through state and federal highway funds.

Overall, highway rest areas serve an important role in promoting driver safety and ensuring that motorists have a safe place to rest and recharge during long road trips.



A small highway rest stop with an information kiosk, pavilion, and restroom. The Department of Transportation can offer important information for visitors at the kiosks when they stop for a rest and bathroom break.



This DOT rest stop, includes two pavilions, a pet area with benches shaded by two single sloped pavilions, a large restroom building, a three-sided kiosk, and a playground as a chance for small travelers to expend their energy. This rest area design goes above and beyond for travelers and provides a restful experience with their visit. 



Romtec’s large DOT rest area design includes a restroom divided by a covered walkway, as well as a concession building, several picnic pavilions with tables and a covered kiosk space for visitor information. This design offers premium amenities to travelers with the intention of leaving a lasting impression.



Romtec’s Extra-Large Highway Rest Area design combines all of the concepts from the smaller options into a singular premium option. A large restroom with a concession building add-on, a fenced pet area, playground, and several pavilions for the comfort of travelers. This rest area offers a range of amenities to encourage travelers to take a well-deserved break from the road.