Architectural Design Services

Romtec Architectural Design Services are provided for every project to get you the exact building you want!

Conceptual Design Services

Design Plans for the Boreal Ski Lodge at Soda Springs

Romtec Architectural Design Services are available throughout a project, starting in the preliminary phases. Our in-house design team can help you develop a custom structural design or work off of one of our pre-engineered models to save time. Using Romtec early in gives you more time and flexibility to design the perfect building or structure for your unique application.

Remote Lodge Building with Decorative Trusses

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Stamped/Sealed Plan Sets

Large Parking Gatehouse Design Drawings

Design Drawings need to be stamped or sealed by an architect licensed in your state to meet most building department requirements. Romtec can stamp drawings for all 50 states. Our Design and Engineering teams also work with your local building departments to meet all of its requirements. This work helps your building design get approved quickly and correctly.

Large Parking Gatehouse Building

Value Engineering Services

Shower Building with Restroom Desgin Drawings

Architectural drawings come in over budget from time to time for material and construction costs. In these situations, some public projects can be in danger of losing funding. Romtec’s design team can take your over-budget designs and value engineer them to meet your budgetary requirements and project goals. This is a great way to keep your project on track!

Del Valle Shower House and Public Restroom

Architectural Design FAQs

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Can I get a Full Submittal with Specification Documents?

Yes, our architectural services provide our customers with a complete submittal document with product specifications. This makes getting designs approved simple and allows the customer to take the project out to bid at their schedule.

Can I get my plans stamped & sealed?

Yes, we offer stamped and sealed plans in all 50 states. Our design experience makes it easy to get stamped plan sets to meet all types of requirements.

Can I purchase plan sets without the material supply?

Yes, Romtec will design and engineer a complete plan set and can even provide complete bid documents. Romtec offers these services through a service order that does not require the purchase of the building materials.

Can Romtec redesign my current plans?

Yes, we frequently take plans that are over-budget or that do not meet specific requirements and create new plans utilizing the same design concepts. Frequently, Romtec is utilized for our “value engineering” services to reduce the costs of a building or structure. Through the same process, we can also resolve code compliance or building department approval issues.

Does Romtec offer custom design work?

Yes, Romtec has hundreds of hundreds of ready-made designs to expedite the design phase of some projects. On many projects, custom elements and even completely custom designs are better suited. Romtec does not charge more for custom design work when a building or structure is purchased.

How much do Romtec Design Services cost?

Romtec’s business focuses on selling the supply and often the construction for buildings and structures. Design services add more value to our products and give our customers design options that are not available through other companies.