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Romtec buildings are equipped with the best quality accessories and hardware. You can order replacement parts or upgrades individually from our sales staff.

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All of Romtec’s products and services are available for immediate, direct purchase through our GSA federal supply contract and various state multiple-award schedules.


Romtec buildings are permanent structures, installed on your site to your specifications. We pour on-site concrete foundations and use durable, proven construction materials.

ADA & Architectural Design

Romtec, Inc is committed to designing, manufacturing, and supplying public restroom buildings of the highest quality that meet or exceed all of your design requirements.

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Pair of Single User Vault Restrooms
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Snow Resistant Building Design

While it floats softly down through the air, snow can be deceptively heavy. If snow accumulates on top of structures, it puts an additional load on the structure and can cause serious damage, and even cause a structure to collapse. In areas that experience regular snow fall, buildings must be designed to withstand the snow and/or be designed with features to minimize snow accumulation.

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Site Designed and Constructed Control Buildings vs. Prefabricated Structures

Good control buildings are something to behold. They are special purpose structures of high quality that are designed around their contents, operation, maintenance, code, safety and design requirements. Sometimes it’s easy, but most of the time it’s a site-specific challenge to design a structure that will work well, look good, and enable the owner to have access to, and the ability to, remove and reinstall every piece over the course of the building’s life.

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Steep Pitch Roof on Waterless Restroom
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Weather Resistant Structures and Materials

A simple fact is that weather can’t be controlled or restrained, which makes it important to design a structure that is resistant to weather and will be able to withstand events such as fires, snow, high winds, or storms. Designing a resistant and reliable structure ensures that it can withstand harsh weather and stand to be enjoyed on more temperate days.

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Combining Our Strengths For Success at Laughlin Park, NV

The Laughlin Park project was a great opportunity for Romtec and Romtec Utilities combined, to demonstrate our respective fields of expertise. While the products from each company may differ, both companies supply important pieces of infrastructure around the nation.

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