Sports Complexes

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Sports Complexes are an important aspect for communities across the United States. Romtec has various structural designs for recreation facilities, such as: restrooms, concessions, pavilions, kiosks and gatehouses. With strategical matching structures for public use, sports complexes add to the well-being of the community.


Sports Complex – FAQ

Are Romtec sports complex buildings prefabricated?

Romtec Sports Complex Buildings are individually designed by our Engineering team with direction by the customer to meet their specific needs for their project. The Sports Complex Buildings are designed to be built on the customers’ project site, as they are permanent building structures and are not pre-fabricated or modular units.

Can I get custom design features for my sports complex building?

Yes, Romtec is a Design-Build Firm that specializes in developing unique designs to meet each customer’s project requirements. Romtec has designed several Sports Complex buildings with specific design features, such as: various types of siding (stucco, rain-screen, hardi-board and batten, metal wainscoting, stone siding, among others), types of quality fixtures and different types of roofing (including storm shelter re-enforcement). Once the customer decides on which features to use on their structure, the Engineers at Romtec draw the unique design in AutoCAD. It is then submitted for the customer’s approval and the approval of the local building department.

Can I add storage rooms to my sports complex building?

Yes, Romtec has standard Sports Complex Building models with storage rooms within the structure. In addition, Romtec’s Engineering Team can modify the layout at no additional cost if more storage rooms are needed. One popular addition to new Sports Complex buildings is an IT room that offers free public Wi-Fi and communications equipment.

Can Romtec design or redesign a structure within my budget?

Yes, Romtec’s Engineering Team acknowledges the customer’s budget, as well as their project requirements, while designing each structure in order to present an affordable, functional and compliant building for the customer. Romtec can also take an existing Sports Complex Building design and value-engineer them to meet the customer’s budget and projected schedule.

Can I get Romtec sports complex building plans in my bid specification package?

Yes, Romtec can help develop bid specifications for implementation in Bid Specification Packages. Please contact Romtec’s Sales Department during the specification process to ensure that the Sports Complex project advances by developing a quote for approval and construction.