Pool & Aquatic Buildings

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Community pools, waterworks playgrounds, and splash pads are popular recreation features in parks, recreation centers, home-owners associations, and aquatic parks. Romtec designs and supplies multi-purpose buildings specifically for aquatic recreation facilities. Pool-houses can be designed to include restrooms, showers, locker rooms, lifeguard/staff offices, and a mechanical room for pumps and water treatment equipment. Whatever your project requirements are, Romtec can design and construct your pool building with the features you need.

Pool & Aquatic Building – FAQ

Are pool & aquatic buildings ADA accessible?

Yes, Romtec designs to meet any accessibility requirements in pool buildings by including shower benches, steel handrails, and accessible restroom stalls.

Are pool & aquatic buildings prefabricated?

Romtec Pool and Aquatic Buildings are individually designed by our Engineering team with direction by the customer to meet their specific needs for their project. Pool and Aquatic Buildings are designed to be built on the customers’ project sites, as they are permanent building structures and are not pre-fabricated or modular units. However, there are some components, for example roof trusses, that may come pre-assembled and ready for installation by the contractor.

Can I match my new pool building to an existing structure onsite?

Yes, the customer may send photos, design drawings or product sheets of existing buildings to Romtec’s Sales Team in order for Romtec to design a matching structure.

Can my pool building include concessions or other facilities in addition to restrooms and showers?

Yes, Romtec can include concessions, locker rooms, staff offices or other facilities in order to meet the customer’s project requirements.

Can pump equipment and chemical filtration systems be installed inside my pool building?

Yes, Romtec has experience designing Pool Buildings with adequate and accessible space for the integration of sophisticated Pump Equipment and Chemical Filtration Systems.

Can showers be installed anywhere in my pool building?

Yes, Romtec can design a Pool Building with shower fixtures on the interior or exterior of the structure. Showers can be installed in private rooms, semi-private stalls or in locker/changing rooms as well.

Does Romtec design pool pump enclosures or shelters?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply enclosures and pump houses for a Pool Building. The advantage of including these features is that it provides security and protection for pumping equipment and other equipment needed to operate public pools and splash pads.

Will Romtec’s pool buildings meet the health codes and building requirements of my state?

Yes, Romtec is a Design-Build Firm that operates across the 50 states. The Pool and Aquatic Buildings are designed to meet all local, state and federal building requirements, as well as, any health and safety codes applicable to the customer’s Pool Building.