Pool & Aquatic Buildings

Aquatic Building with Showers Staff Office and Restrooms
Matching Pump House and Bathhouse with Exterior Showers
Model 3355
Large Shower Restroom Facility Optimized for Public Pool
Large Pool Building with Lifeguard Room, Locker Room, Restrooms, and Showers
Model 3362
Great Looking Community Building for Public Pool
High Capacity Pool Building with Staff Office
Model 3360
Multipurpose Aquatic Building in Municipal Pool
Model 3356
Pumping Equipment Integrated into Pool Building Mechanical Space
Model 3359
Multiuser Restroom and Changing Room with Privacy Stalls
Model 3358
Shower Building with Lifeguard Room
Multipurpose Aquatic Building with Exterior Showers and Restrooms
Model 3357
Large Single Pitch Pool Building with Showers and Family Restrooms
Model 3355

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Community pools, spraygrounds, and splash pads are popular recreation features in city parks, rec centers, home-owner associations, and indoor/outdoor aquatics parks. Romtec designs and supplies pool buildings specifically for aquatic recreation facilities as multipurpose facilities. Pool buildings can be designed to include restrooms, locker rooms, lifeguard/staff offices, and rooms to house pumps or water treatment equipment. Whatever your application may be, Romtec will design, supply, and construct your pool building with the options you need.

Concession Stand with Restrooms and Storage Floor Plan
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3355
Footprint: 592 Sq. Ft.
Features: Concession Room
Mens/Womens Bathrooms
Storage Room
Staff Accessible Mech Space
Concession Building & Restrooms with Dedicated Storage
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3356
Footprint: 691 Sq. Ft.
Features: Large Mech Room
Concession Room
ADA Accessible Design
Mens/Womens Bathrooms
Concession Building Floor Plan with Separated Rooms
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3357
Footprint: 592 Sq. Ft.
Features: Compact Design
Concession/Staff Room
Storage Room
Private-Entry Bathrooms
Floor Plan of Large Concession Stand with ADA Restrooms
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3358
Footprint: 411 Sq. Ft.
Features: Restrooms/Changing Rooms
Shower Fixtures
Central Mechanical Room
Concession/Storage Rooms
Large Concession Building & Multi-User Restroom
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3359
Footprint: 688 Sq. Ft.
Features: Mens/Womens Bathrooms
Concession/Storage Rooms
Rinse Off Showers
ADA Floor plan
Concession & Restroom Building with Larger Floor Plan
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3360
Footprint: 803 Sq. Ft.
Features: Multi-User Restrooms
Concession/Storage Rooms
Changing Room
Large Mechanical Room
Floor Plan of Six Room Shower Restroom Structure
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3361
Footprint: 1350 Sq. Ft.
Features: Covered Activity Area
Concession Space
Accessible Design
Private Restrooms
Drawing of Community Pool Building with Showers
Name: Columbia Aquatic Building
Model: 3362
Footprint: 2134 Sq. Ft.
Features: Mens/Womens Bathrooms
6 Shower Stalls
Concession Room
Pool Pump House

Pool Buildings

Are Community Pool Buildings ADA Accessible?

Yes, Romtec will meet or exceed any accessibility requirements in pool buildings by including shower benches, steel handrails, accessible restroom stalls in all 50 states.

Are Pool Buildings Prefabricated?

Pool buildings from Romtec are site-built and designed to meet the unique requirements of their project, some building materials, like roof trusses, are prefabricated to simplify construction onsite while retaining the benefits of site-built construction.

Can I Match My New Pool Building to an Existing Structure Onsite?

Yes, Romtec can use photos of the building, design drawings, and product sheets to design your pool building with matching design features.

Can my Pool Building Include Concessions or Other Facilities in Addition to Restrooms and Showers?

Yes, Romtec can include concessions, locker rooms, and even staff offices by reconfiguring any of our existing building models to better suit your project requirements.

Can Pumping Equipment and Chemical Filtration Systems Be Installed inside my Building?

Yes, Romtec has years of experience integrating sophisticated pumping equipment into our building designs so all necessary components have adequate space and are accessible.

Can Showers Be Installed Anywhere In My Building?

Yes, Romtec can place your shower fixtures anywhere on the interior or exterior of your building to accommodate the needs of your unique project. Showers can be installed in private rooms, semi-private stalls, or inside locker/changing rooms.

Does Romtec design Pool Pump Enclosures or Shelters?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply enclosures and pump houses to cover and secure pumping equipment and other necessary equipment needed to operate public pools and splash pads.

Where Can Pool Buildings Be Installed?

Romtec Pool Buildings are suitable for a number of recreational applications, but were designed for locations with access to aquatics features like community pools, splash pads, aquatics parks, and health centers.

Will Romtec’s Pool Buildings meet the Health Codes and Building Requirements of my State?

Yes, Romtec is a design-build firm that operates in all 50 states, our buildings are designed to meet or exceed all local, state, and federal building requirements as well as any health and safety codes applicable to your building’s application.