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At trailheads, campgrounds, parks, and other recreation sites, information is posted at Kiosks to improve the experience of its visitors. Romtec Kiosks are designed with posting backboards and can include roofing, light fixtures, and specialized materials. Our Engineering team can even match a kiosk to an existing building or new Romtec structure.

Kiosk – FAQ

Are Romtec kiosks prefabricated?

Romtec Pavilions are individually designed by the Engineering Team with direction by the customer to meet their specific needs for their project. Romtec offers site-built kiosk plans and delivers a partially pre-fabricated kiosk in just a few parts for assembly on site.

Are there roofing options for kiosks?

Yes, Romtec has several roofing options for Kiosks, including composite shingles, corrugated metal, cedar shake roofing, among others. Romtec can also customize the structural design of a kiosk roof with features such as curved roofs, single slope roofs, and flat roofs.

Can I get custom design features on my kiosk?

Yes, Romtec is a Design-Build Firm that specializes in developing unique designs to meet each customer’s project requirements. Romtec has designed several kiosks with specific design features, such as: various types of roofing (composite shingles, corrugated metal, and cedar shake roofing). Once the customer decides on which features to use for the kiosk, the Engineers at Romtec draw the unique design in AutoCAD. It is then submitted for the customer’s approval and the approval of the local building department.

Can I get Romtec kiosk plans in my bid specification package?

Yes, Romtec can help develop bid specifications for implementation in Bid Specification Packages. Please contact the Romtec Sales Department during the specification process to ensure that the kiosk project advances by developing a quote for approval and construction.

Can I put lights on my kiosk?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply a Kiosk with electrical plans and lighting packages, per request. In rural or “off grid” project sites, Romtec can supply solar-powered lighting packages for kiosks.

Can kiosks have a locked display case?

Yes, Romtec can design a Kiosk with custom features including a lockable display cabinet. This feature has the advantage of weather protection and security from vandalism.