Creating Your Bid Package

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Rendered Public Restroom Building Design

Bid Packages and Bid Specifications will typically follow one of two paths, depending how far along your project is.

  1. The first path is a preliminary bid package. This type of package includes preliminary supply quote numbers, site-specific floor plans, and a proposal specification. These documents help get your project approved through the preliminary phases.
  2. The second package is a Complete Bid Specification. This path includes the final quote for your building, sealed plan set drawings, and a complete scope of supply and design specification.

With these two approaches, Romtec provides our customers with the documentation to ensure that you get the building you want during any phase of the bid process.

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Preliminary Bid Proposal

Preliminary Budgetary

Preliminary Quote Form

AutoCAD Drawings

Preliminary Drawings for Building

Proposal Specifications

Preliminary Specification for Concession Restroom

Complete Bid Specification

Firm Quotes and Pricing

Quote Document

Sealed Plan Sets

Cover Page for Plan Set Submittal

Full Specification

Cover Page of Plan Set

Bid Specifications FAQs

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How do I get Bid Documents?

Romtec develops a comprehensive design document for every project to help customers understand and approve the building design and scope of work. This design package is easily converted into a bid document by adding typical specification language. Customers simply need to request these documents when they are submitting proposals for an upcoming bid project. Romtec can even incorporate title blocks and letterheads to keep the document consistent with your package.

What is a Bid Specification?

A bid specification is a document that is used to specify a design product in a bid package. The specification document specifies all the product details, in our case a building or structure, so that the customer gets the end product they want while complying with competitive bid laws.

What is sole source purchasing?

Sole sourcing is a process where a public entity that is normally bound by competitive bid laws is allowed to purchase directly from a company. The bid process was establish to protect public funds in construction projects by ensuring the public was getting the best value through a low bidder. If, however, the low bidder undercuts what is actually possible, the bid process can result in change orders or lawsuits that end up making projects more expensive than the original budget. Sole sourcing often requires justification to a governing body to argue that a direct purchase is in the best interest of the public.

Why do I need a Bid Specification?

Bid specifications are created to make sure a municipality gets what it wants during a bid project. The specification is intended to outline the complete project to the bidders so that they can create accurate quotes for their bid. It also ensures that the building design meets all codes requirements from the building department while outlining the scope responsibilities of everyone involved.