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As a GSA contract & multiple award schedule holder, Romtec’s products and services are guaranteed to be competitively priced! We provide the best value for your public project.

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Romtec can design, supply and install your project smoothly and quickly – within timelines and under budget. For more information on how to use our Federal or State contracts, scroll down. We are adding new state and regional contracts frequently! For the latest government procurement information, call 541-496-3541 or email us for more information.

GSA LogoGSA Federal Supply Schedule

Romtec, Inc. is pleased to provide design, supply, and construction of site-built buildings and structures to all federal agencies through our GSA Federal Supply Contract #47QSWA20D0013. We assist with federal procurement of many types of parks and recreation and public buildings with design and construction services. Please call 541-496-3541 or e-mail Romtec ( to get started on your federal building project.


The U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management purchases Romtec buildings and structures through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013. We make it easy for BLM offices to get all of Romtec’s site-built buildings and structure for parks and recreation and public applications. We help BLM district offices with our custom design and construction services, and we ensure fast and efficient supply of Romtec accessory products through GSA Advantage, the federal government’s online ordering system.

US Forest Service LogoUS Forest Service (GSA)

Romtec is a long-time supplier to the U.S. Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture. Through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013, national forests and grasslands can purchase Romtec’s turnkey buildings and structures with design, supply, and constructions services. Romtec waterless restrooms and accessories have been supplied to the Forest Service for many years, and our GSA contract makes it even easier!

National Park Services LogoNational Park Service (GSA)

Some of America’s greatest treasures are within the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. Romtec is proud to be a supplier to the National Park Service, with many structural products available to our national parks, monuments, historic sites, and trails. Through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013 the National Park Service can purchase restrooms, park pavilions and shelters, restroom-shower buildings, kiosks, concession buildings, ticket booths, gatehouses, control buildings, and much more! We offer complete design, supply, and construction services for turnkey public restrooms and other pre-engineered structures to all National Park Service projects.

US Fish and Wildlife LogoUS Fish and Wildlife (GSA)

Romtec is an important supplier to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. Our public restrooms are at USFW sites throughout the country: wildlife viewing sites, boat ramps, hiking trails, interpretive centers, and other places where people and wildlife interact. Romtec provides the complete building design, supply, and even turnkey construction to USFW offices in all 50 states through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013.

Us Bureau of Reclamation LogoUS Bureau of Reclamation (GSA)

Romtec is proud to be a supplier to the U.S. Dept. of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation. There are Romtec buildings at many USBR recreation sites in the 17 western states. Campgrounds, day-use areas, boat ramps, interpretive sites, and other recreational facilities are equipped with Romtec public restrooms, shower buildings, shelters, kiosks, control buildings and other site-built structures. Bureau of Reclamation offices purchase Romtec buildings and design and installation services through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013.


NAVFAC, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, manages engineering and construction for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Romtec provides architectural design, manufacturing & supply, and turnkey construction of restrooms and many other pre-engineered structures to all NAVFAC projects throughout the world. Through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013, NAVFAC and its contractors can purchase all Romtec structures and services, including restrooms, gatehouses, control buildings, equipment shelters, pavilions, shower buildings, kiosks, concession buildings, and contact booths.

US Army Corps of Engineers LogoUS Army Corps of Engineers (GSA)

Romtec supplies architectural design, complete building materials, and turnkey construction services to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recreation sites, dams, and military installations. Romtec works closely with the Corps to ensure that our pre-engineered buildings meet all military specifications. To expedite ordering, we supply our complete line of products and services to the Corps through our GSA Contract #47QSWA20D0013. Included are all Romtec structures: public restrooms, SST® waterless vault toilets, shower buildings, concession buildings, multi-use facilities, park pavilions and shelters, kiosks, ticket booths, gatehouses, and control buildings.

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Government Procurement FAQs

Click on the Questions below to view the Answers.

Do I Have to go Through the Bid Process for Construction?

No, if Romtec provides turnkey construction services through public procurement the bid process is not necessary, and the entire project can be completed with Romtec and a single purchase. Government contracts allow procurement of goods and services, including construction.

How do I Buy from a GSA Schedule?

Purchasing through a GSA Schedule will require approval from a GSA Contract Procurement Officer for the discount applied to the purchase, once approved the project can move forward with the approved contracted pricing.

What are the benefits of purchasing through GSA?

Government agencies purchasing through federal contracts receive pre-negotiated discounts for guaranteed competitive market pricing, but the real advantage is time savings. Preparing bid documents and awarding a contract takes time and resources, even if it is an effective way of establishing the best value. Additionally, the bid process can occasionally result in cancelled or unfulfilled contracts. The GSA contract vets the vendors to avoid unfulfilled purchases.

What is a Government Procurement Contract?

Government Procurement Contracts are long-term contracts with commercial firms that allow public agencies to purchase products and services at established prices without a bid process. These contracts, also called schedules, drastically speed up the public procurement process. Contracts and schedules are available in most states and at the federal level.

What is a Multiple Award Schedule?

Multiple Award Schedules are awarded to multiple companies that offer similar products and services at varying prices, these contracts are awarded to companies whose commercial price is deemed competitive. Even among similar products, the brand, quality, and other considerations can result in differing costs and consumer preferences. Multiple award schedules allow public agencies to buy from a selection, so that more options are available beyond the cheapest.

What is a Price Agreement?

Price Agreements are pre-negotiated, competitive discounts available to public agencies that are not eligible to purchase through a government contract or award schedule. Price agreements can incentivize some public procurement toward not avoiding a bid process.

What is GSA Advantage?

GSA Advantage is the online store for GSA products. Romtec offers many products for sale directly through the GSA website. These range from simple accessory options all the way up to full buildings. This allows GSA products to be procured by federal agencies as a direct purchase through the online store.

Who can order through GSA Schedules?

Many public agencies that utilize Government Procurement Schedules, click here for a full list of eligible GSA Schedule users.