Community Centers

Community Building with Pool
Community Pool Building with Showers and Stone Exterior
Model 2470
Affordable Concrete Restroom with Storage
Community Garage Building with Vehicle Access Door
Model 2440
Large Restroom and Concession Facility in Sports Park
Large Concession Restroom Community Building with Optional Covered Entryways
Model 2450
Community Garden Building
Community Garden Building with Extended Roof
Model 2401

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Whether they’re called Community Buildings or Community Centers, Romtec has the design-build capabilities to get your community the best facility. For pools, gardens, gyms, athletic fields, theater, town halls, and even storm protection, our Community Buildings will meet all of your needs. Romtec will design, manufacture, supply, and construct your building with any type of feature for your community, and with free design services, you can save money too!

Drawing of Community Garden Building
Name: Garden Community Center
Model: 2401
Toilets: 4 Toilets
Footprint: 2310 Sq. Ft.
Features: Garden Room
Large Utility Room
Concession Room
Drawing of Large Ticket Concession and Restroom Community Building
Name: Entry Community Building
Model: 2420
Toilets: 12 Toilets
Footprint: 5208 Sq. Ft.
Features: Ticket Booth
Concession Room
Second Floor Press Box
Drawing of Octagon Community Building with Office and Storage
Name: Octagonal Community Center
Model: 2430
Toilets: 1 Toilet
Footprint: 982 Sq. Ft.
Features: Office
Counter Area
Unisex Restroom
Drawing of Garage and Restroom Community Building
Name: Garage Community Building
Model: 2440
Toilets: 4 Toilets
Footprint: 1120 Sq. Ft.
Features: Garage
Roof Feature
Drawing of Large Concession Restroom Community Building
Name: Concession Community Building
Model: 2450
Toilets: 8 Toilets
Footprint: 3024 Sq. Ft.
Features: Concession Area
2 Storage Rooms
Maintenance Room
Drawing of Large Changing Room Community Building with Restrooms
Name: Bridal Preparation Building
Model: 2460
Toilets: 7 Toilets
Footprint: 1320 Sq. Ft.
Features: Mechanical Room
2 Changing Rooms
Storage Room
ADA Family Restroom
Drawing of Community Pool Building with Showers
Name: Community Pool Building
Model: 2470
Toilets: 6 Toilets
Footprint: 2134 Sq. Ft.
Features: 6 Shower Stalls
Concession Room
Pool Pump House

Community Center FAQs

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Are Romtec Community Buildings prefabricated?

Romtec Community Buildings are all designed in-house to meet the exact needs of each project in all 50 states. Our Community Buildings are designed as site-built, permanent buildings, and are not prefabricated or modular units. Some aspects of your Community Building like trusses may be prefabricated and delivered to the site ready to install by the contractor.

Can Community Buildings function as storm shelters?

Yes, Romtec can design your Community Building to operate as a storm shelter as well. Site-built structures constructed with concrete block can be designed and reinforced to endure extreme weather and protect those inside from harm.

Can I get custom design features on my Community Building?

Yes, Romtec is a design-build firm that specializes in developing affordable custom designs to meet all types of project requirements. We have helped thousands of projects get the features they need on their Community Buildings. Each Romtec Community Building is drawn in AutoCAD, submitted for your approval, and submitted for approval from the local building department.

Can I get Romtec Community Building Plans in my Bid Specification Package?

Yes, Romtec helps our customers develop bid specifications that can integrate with their bid documents. Using Romtec during the specification process helps ensure that your project gets a Romtec Community Buildings quoted during the bid process and ultimately approved and constructed.

How can I make my Community Building more affordable?

One of Romtec’s specialties is in value-engineering current Community Building designs that are over budget. Romtec can take your existing drawings and reconfigure them to meet your budget and keep your project on schedule.

How does Romtec design Community Buildings?

Romtec offers seven building models for different applications. These models can all be purchased as designed in the example drawings. It is better, however, to consider these pre-engineered drawings as a “jumping off point” toward developing a Community Building that meets the needs of your community. Romtec has expert, in-house design services that provide our customers with free building designs to get the exact Community Building they need.

How long will it take for my Community Building to be constructed?

Most Romtec Community Building can be constructed in 2 to 3 months. Your construction timeline may vary between using a low-bid contractor or Romtec’s construction services, as well as the scope of work required onsite. On turnkey projects, Romtec will give you an accurate schedule for the delivery and construction of your Community Building.