Control Buildings

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Romtec’s Control Buildings are designed with adequate space for the storage of different types of control systems. The structures are built with reinforced concrete masonry and modern corrugated steel providing significant protection for any type of control system, including electrical and mechanical structures. The Engineers at Romtec can design a Control Building to incorporate eye-washing stations, safety showers and utility sinks as well.

Control Building – FAQ

Are Romtec control buildings prefabricated?

Romtec Control Buildings are all designed in-house to meet the exact needs of each project in all 50 states. Our Control Buildings are designed as site-built, permanent buildings, and are not prefabricated or modular units.

Can I equip my control building with extra security?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply your Control Building with security features like security doors, cameras, lighting, and any other options needed for your project.

Can I get custom design features on my control building?

Yes, Romtec is a design-build firm that specializes in developing affordable custom designs to meet all types of project requirements. We have helped thousands of projects get the features they need on their Control Buildings. Each Romtec Control Building is drawn in AutoCAD, submitted for your approval, and submitted for approval from the local building department.

Can I get Romtec control building plans in my bid specification package?

Yes, Romtec helps our customers develop bid specifications that can integrate with their bid documents. Using Romtec during the specification process helps ensure that your project gets a Romtec Control Building quoted during the bid process and ultimately approved and constructed.

How can I make my control building more affordable?

One of Romtec’s specialties is in value-engineering current Control building designs that are over budget. Romtec can take your existing drawings and reconfigure them to meet your financial plan and keep your project on schedule.

Can control buildings have safety showers?

Romtec can design your Control building to include eye washing stations, safety showers, utility sinks, and any other needs for your project.

Can Romtec supply specialty equipment for my control building?

Yes, many Control Building applications require specialty equipment like overhead cranes for lifting heavy equipment in the building. Romtec can also supply mounting fixtures and ventilation for interior generator units, odor control, and many other types of specialty equipment.