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  • Tagging Public Restrooms with Graffiti is a Common Concern in Parks and Rec Applications

    Graffiti Removal or Anti-Graffiti Coatings for Buildings

    Dealing with graffiti is difficult due to the high variability of surfaces, paint types, environmental conditions, and maintenance responses. By working with Romtec, we help our customers navigate these circumstances to find the most appropriate solution for each customer.

  • Heat Recovery System in Attic Space for Most Efficient Use of Space

    Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

    Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs public buildings for all types of applications. Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) can be a good way to ventilate a building without dramatically impacting the insulation.

  • Roof Structure of Site-Built Building Being Installed

    Site-Built Construction Advantages for Public Buildings

    The best and most reliable construction method, is overwhelmingly site-building structures with concrete foundations. The versatility of concrete, the availability of construction materials, and the experience of contractors all offer a myriad of advantages for public building construction projects.

  • Waterless Restroom on Golf Course without Need for Plumbing

    Getting the Best Vault Toilets & Waterless Restrooms

    Public restroom facilities play an important role in representing the culture surrounding any park or recreation site. Here are some good things to keep in mind for your waterless restroom or vault toilet.

  • Mobile Roll Forming Machine Producing Metal Roofing

    Roll Forming Metal Roofing

    Last week, Romtec’s production crew worked with Custom-Bilt Metals, a roofing manufacturer, to produce several 50’ sections of blue metal roofing at our production yard.

  • Damage From Fire

    Utilizing Active Fire Protection vs Passive Fire Protection

    Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings for all types of parks & rec applications. Our buildings are designed to meet or exceed any and all code requirements, including fire safety regulations.

  • Romtec Manufactured Many of the Components Used in This Roof Structure

    Manufacturing Solutions for Everyday Problems

    Our buildings and structures include many components that are manufactured in-house by our wood shop, metal shop, or another production crew. Manufacturing many of our own components improves our quality control, reduces lead times, and increases flexibility with our designs.

  • Park Weather Center with Digital Tablet for Guests to Use

    Designing Parks & Rec Buildings with Integrated WiFi

    Across the United States, parks & rec departments, campgrounds, and other public facilities are working to provide wireless internet access for visitors.

  • Double Sidewalk Restroom with Matte Grey Exterior

    Urban Restroom Innovations with the Sidewalk Restroom

    Romtec started by developing innovations for public restrooms, working with the Forest Service to develop a low-cost solution for vault toilets. Today, Romtec has restrooms in all 50 states and even internationally, and some of our newest innovations are found in city centers instead of national forests.

  • Door with Durable Stainless Steel Locking Mechanism with Protection

    Door Lock Options for Restrooms and other Public Access Buildings

    During a building design process, the door lock may seem like a small consideration, but as your project progresses, it is important to consider the people using the building and their preferences. There are too many types of locks to go into, but door locks can be described in different categories.