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  • Concession Restroom with Double Windows

    Getting The Best Concession Building

    Concession buildings are a great opportunity to increase revenue and to provide visitor services at a recreational facility. Some concession buildings are even used for providing services unrelated to food, like information desks and ticket entry windows. Working with an experienced building designer and supplier like Romtec is the best way to take your concession building project from the design phase to reality with all of the handpicked features and options your application needs.

  • Great Accessory Options: Bottle Filling Stations

    One building accessory option that is growing in popularity in parks and rec applications is the water bottle refill station (also called hydration station) as a part of public drinking fountains. This building accessory is simple to add and it can benefit your community in many different ways.

  • Aquatic Building with Showers Staff Office and Restrooms

    Getting Creative with Building Roof Structures

    Being involved in many different projects every day starting with the design provides insight into the different trends in the industry. One increasingly popular trend in what our customers want for their buildings and structures is to get creative with the roof.

  • The Advantages of Using Romtec Dry Stack Block

    Dry-stack block is a great construction material available through Romtec that can be consistently installed to high standards by most contractors nationally. With improvements to the speed and grout requirements, dry-stack block also can help building projects get completed quicker.

  • Lighting Options in Buildings & Structures

    There are many lighting options available and Romtec’s design flexibility allows any of these options to be included. Lighting may be a small part in the total design of the building or structure, but can have a significant impact on visual appeal, functionality, and even security. This blog will cover some of the options available and the advantages they offer.

  • Adding Specialty Park Experiences in Colorado

    The South Platte River Run Park is a great example of a city providing the very best in parks and recreation opportunities for its visitors.

  • Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts

    Adding Style and Interest with Unique Pavilions and Shelters

    Our complete services have allowed us the opportunity to be a part of many different types of projects, and pavilions and shelters are very popular features to add to many different recreational spaces. One easy way to dramatically increase the “wow factor” or your recreation destination is to add a pavilion or shelters that includes unique design options.

  • The Unique Restroom Installation at Jenner Headlands

    Coastlines are also difficult locations for buildings because of the constant exposure to salt and moisture. One recent project arrived at a unique solution for providing restrooms at a coastal park. Romtec worked with the building owner, The Wildlands Conservancy, to supply a waterless restroom building that was buried in a hillside on a coastal nature preserve.

  • Porcelain Toilet with Steel Grab Bars

    ADA Accessibility & Building Design

    Federal standards dictate the minimum requirements for these buildings, but the many accessible facilities go above and beyond the minimum requirements in order to accommodate peoples of all abilities. Romtec has provided thousands of buildings that meet ADA standards and, on many projects, exceed the standards, providing truly accessible restroom buildings.

  • Utility Shed w/ Exterior Equipment Shelter

    Specialized Buildings & Structures – Utility Buildings

    Romtec has supplied many utility and control buildings over the years and has developed several standard building models to serve as a starting point for our customers. The best utility buildings are designed to meet the specific needs of the location and by correctly planning how staff will use the building.