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  • Small Communities Accomplish Big Projects with Romtec

    Romtec helps communities of all sizes on building projects across the country to meet all types of needs. Each project is special in its own way and occasionally, we work with organizations that complete successful projects that are extraordinary.

  • Modern Single Pitch Roof Pavilion

    Get Value Engineering for Your Building

    Romtec frequently works with architects, landscape architects, and engineering firms to design complete buildings and structures as a part of larger projects. Romtec offers structural expertise to provide firms with the best…
  • Government Service Contracts

    Saving Time & Money with Government Contracts

    Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs a lot of structures every year for government customers. Did you know that purchasing a structure through one of Romtec’s government contracts or agreements provides a significant…
  • Themed Restroom with Stucco and Log Post Wing Walls

    Saving Money on Custom Buildings

    Romtec provides standard designs for well over one-hundred unique building models, ranging from single waterless restrooms to large multipurpose community buildings. These standard models can be fully customized from the floor plan…
  • Compact Three Room Waterless Restroom

    Saving Money with Romtec

    Romtec offers our customers several ways to save money on every building model for restrooms, concessions, shower buildings, pavilions, and more. Romtec provides design expertise to develop buildings and structures that can…
  • Economical Double Restroom

    Getting Buildings with a Limited Budget

    Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs new buildings, and we are always looking for new ways to lower costs for our customers. Our engineering and production teams at Romtec work hard every day…
  • The Advantages of Using Purchasing Contracts

    Many of our customers are public entities or other organizations that qualify for significant discounts on our products through a procurement contract (GSA, CMAS, AEPA). Utilizing these contracts not only saves money but it can greatly simplify the process of procuring a new building or structure.

  • Building Design with Drawing

    Building Design Advantages with Romtec

    Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs buildings and structures for all different types of applications. Many of our buildings and structures are designed for public, parks and recreation sites, but we have…
  • Restroom with Shower and Several Independant Storage Rooms for Equipment

    Combining New Restrooms and Public Utilities to Save Money

    Combining public utilities and services into the design and construction of a new public restroom is a very good practice for saving public funds.

  • Timber Pavilion Purchased Through Public Procurement

    Romtec is Available for Direct Purchase on BuyBoard

    Romtec offers many contracts, price agreements, and multiple award schedules and one of the fastest growing contracts we offer is through the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative. There are many advantages for public agencies to utilize BuyBoard, and it is not surprising to see more and more public agencies signing up for its services.