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  • Tagging Public Restrooms with Graffiti is a Common Concern in Parks and Rec Applications

    Preventing and Removing Graffiti – Best Management Practices

    Municipalities across America spend millions of dollars annually cleaning up defaced buildings in their parks and public spaces. Many public agencies have invested in developing a response plan to graffiti in their cities that improve how graffiti is reported and cleaned up.

  • Romtec Steel Finishes for Structures and Building Materials

    There are several common options for steel finishing, and Romtec supplies them all. Each option provides distinct advantages, but options can have drawbacks like added cost or maintenance requirements. Here are our most common options for finishes on steel building components and what to consider with each choice.

  • Synthetic Roofing Materials: Shakes, Shingles, and More!

    Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings out of a wide range of different building materials. One increasingly available option is using synthetic materials to replicate other forms of roofing, including shakes, tiles, shingles, and more. Synthetic roofing materials have many distinct advantages for building owners.

  • Public Restrooms & Interior Wall Options

    Interior walls are visually striking design features that visitors will see and experience every time they enter your restrooms, concession buildings, or shower facilities.

  • Multipurpose Restroom Facility in Open Park by the River

    Gable Ends: Windows or Vents?

    Choosing between Lexan windows and gable vents on gable ends will have a large impact on the functionality and appearance of the building, as well as the experience of visitors inside.

  • Trash Bins & Restroom Design

    Trash bins can have significant impacts on the functionality and visual appeal of a restroom interior depending on the chosen material, shape, and how it is installed.

  • Working with Foundation Design Requirements

    There are many things to consider when pouring a foundation, and Romtec has seen it all. From special requirements to simple mistakes, it is important to communicate specific needs for the foundation of a building.

  • Common Appearance Options for Concrete Block

    CMU block is a very common construction material but that doesn’t mean that buildings have to have a boring appearance. When implemented correctly, CMU block buildings can include interesting layout options, finishes, and colors to create a custom looking building without incurring a lot of extra materials costs.

  • New Vault Restroom Designed to Match Historic Forest Service Building

    Matching Historic Forest Service Restroom at Cascade Locks

    The new Eagle Creek Campground restroom is a terrific example of the ongoing Forest Service commitment to great facilities. In order to capture the historical significance of this site, the Forest Service wanted its new restroom to match the existing “Big John” restroom as close as possible.

  • Benefits of Dedicating Space in a Building Mechanical Room

    Getting the most out of a mechanical room can be a challenge, but providing ample space in this area can benefit a building and an entire facility.