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  • Park Weather Center with Digital Tablet for Guests to Use

    Designing Parks & Rec Buildings with Integrated WiFi

    Across the United States, parks & rec departments, campgrounds, and other public facilities are working to provide wireless internet access for visitors.

  • Double Sidewalk Restroom with Matte Grey Exterior

    Urban Restroom Innovations with the Sidewalk Restroom

    Romtec started by developing innovations for public restrooms, working with the Forest Service to develop a low-cost solution for vault toilets. Today, Romtec has restrooms in all 50 states and even internationally, and some of our newest innovations are found in city centers instead of national forests.

  • Door with Durable Stainless Steel Locking Mechanism with Protection

    Door Lock Options for Restrooms and other Public Access Buildings

    During a building design process, the door lock may seem like a small consideration, but as your project progresses, it is important to consider the people using the building and their preferences. There are too many types of locks to go into, but door locks can be described in different categories.

  • Romtec Pallet Ready for Delivery with Weather Protection

    Staging and Palletizing a Romtec Building

    Romtec’s expertise helps clients get the exact building they want through a wide variety of processes, such as competitive bidding, public procurement, turnkey, prefabrication, and more. To make our buildings and structures the best for our customers, Romtec has an effective packaging process for palletizing the building components.

  • Shower Building with Lifeguard Room

    Best Practices for Pool House Buildings

    Community pools often require multiple buildings. These buildings serve a wide range of purposes and typically require showers and restrooms.

  • Restroom Interior with Great Looking Accessories

    Choosing Non-Porous Surfaces for Public Buildings

    The interior of most public restrooms are exposed to a lot of water and can be prone to bacterial growth, mold, and mildew. This is why non-porous and moisture resistant materials are required in some areas, but choosing to use them throughout the restroom is an easy way to increase the cleanliness of your restroom.

  • Giant Stick Built Lodge with Outside Dining Area

    Romtec Offers Large “Stick-Framed” Buildings & Turnkey Construction

    Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings for all types of parks and rec applications. Using lumber for framing a building is a very common construction method, and Romtec does provide “stick-framed” buildings.

  • Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts

    New Inclusive Park with Accessible Buildings

    The new Mountain View Champions Park was opened to the public in September, 2017, and this park was designed from the beginning to be fully accessible to visitors of all abilities.

  • Single Pitch Roof Shelter with Unique Living Roof

    Designing Environmentally Friendly Buildings

    Environmentally friendly buildings are becoming increasingly popular. There are substantial benefits for “going green” on your building’s design, and probably the most important benefit is saving money.

  • Unique Restroom with Locally Inspired Mosaic

    Getting the Right Custom Design Features for Your Project

    Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs many different types of buildings and structures. Frequently, these projects represent special needs for our customers and include specialty features in the design requirements.