Pavilions and Shelters

Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts
Steel Post Pavilion with Tongue & Groove Wooden decking
Model 3020-3024
Solar Panels Installed On Large Pavilion
Model 3020-3024
Unique Timber Pavilion with Custom Trusses and Column Wraps
Model 3010-3014
Rustic Log Post Pavilion with Railings and Benches
Model 3000-3003
Dimensional Timber Post Pavilion with Stone Wrapped Column Footers
Model 3010-3014
4 Post Shelter for Protecting Electrical Controls
Model 3101-3106
Shelter for Protecting Components
6 Post Steel Shelter with Metal Roofing and Hip Roof
Model 3101-3106

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Across the country, shelters and pavilions are an extremely popular feature for parks and recreation sites. Romtec designs and manufactures these types of structures in all shapes and sizes. From large log pavilions to small steel shelters, Romtec can configure a structure specific to your needs. Get a structure to match an existing building, a new Romtec building, or meet your design standards. Romtec can get you the site-built structure you need.

Drawing of Log Post Pavilion
Name: Log Pavilions
Model: 3000 – 3003
Footprint: 320-1,280 Sq. Ft.
Features: 14” – 15” logs
Log Railing Option
Log Bench Option
Drawing of Timber Post Pavilion
Name: Lumber Pavilions
Model: 3010 – 3014
Footprint: 320-1,575 Sq. Ft.
Features: Column Wrap Option
Wood Railing Option
Benches Option
Drawing of Steel Post Pavilion
Name: Steel Pavilions
Model: 3020 – 3024
Footprint: 333-960 Sq. Ft.
Features: Column Wrap Option
Powder Coating
Custom Colors
Drawing of Two Post Shelter
Name: 2, 4, and 6 Post Shelters
Model: 3101 – 3106
Footprint: 85-264 Sq. Ft.
Features: Prefabricated
Steel Components
Metal Roofing

Pavilions and Shelters FAQs

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Are Romtec Shelters and Pavilions prefabricated?

Romtec Shelters and Pavilions are all designed in-house to meet the exact needs of each project in all 50 states. Small Shelters and Pavilions can be prefabricated and delivered to your site, on larger Pavilions some aspects of the structure like gables can be prefabricated then delivered to the site ready to be installed by a contractor.

Can I get a fireplace for my Pavilion?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply your Pavilion with any structural design features needed, like fireplaces, benches, tables, and other features.

Can I get custom design features on my Pavilion or Shelter?

Yes, Romtec is a design-build firm that specializes in developing affordable custom designs to meet all types of project requirements. We have helped thousands of projects get the features they need on their Shelter or Pavilions. Each Romtec Pavilion or Shelter is drawn in AutoCAD, submitted for your approval, and submitted for approval from the local building department.

Can I get lighting on my Pavilion?

Yes, Romtec can design and supply your Pavilion with electrical plans and many types of lighting packages. In rural or off-the-grid applications, Romtec can supply solar packages for lighting on your Pavilion or Shelter.

Can I get Romtec Pavilion or Shelter Plans in my Bid Specification Package?

Yes, Romtec helps our customers develop bid specifications that can integrate with their bid documents. Using Romtec during the specification process helps ensure that your project gets a Romtec Pavilion or Shelter quoted during the bid process and ultimately approved and constructed.

How can I make my Pavilion or Shelter more affordable?

One of Romtec’s specialties is in value-engineering current Shelter and Pavilion Building designs that are over budget. Romtec can take your existing drawings and reconfigure them to meet your budget and keep your project on schedule.

How long will it take for my Shelter or Pavilion to be constructed?

Most Romtec Pavilions can be constructed in 1 to 2 weeks. Your construction timeline may vary between using a low-bid contractor or Romtec’s construction services, as well as the scope of work required onsite. On turnkey projects, Romtec will give you an accurate schedule for the delivery and construction of your Pavilion or Shelter.

What materials does Romtec use to build Pavilions?

Romtec typically constructs Pavilions out of logs, steel posts, or dimensional timber. With these features, there are many design elements that can be included such as column wraps with stone or other siding options.