Pair of Waterless Restrooms and Showers

Romtec’s New Modular Restrooms

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Pair of Waterless Restrooms and Showers

An innovative approach…

The new modular Romtec models give owners all the benefits of a permanent restroom with the ability to be stored or relocated. The modular Romtecs are…

  • Durable – easing the concerns of vandalism or replacement
  • Functional – serving large crowds while still smelling sweet
  • Attractive – providing better aesthetics for your site or venue
  • Affordable – eliminating construction time and cost
  • Adaptable – ensuring your facilities are where they’re needed
Prefabricated Vault Restroom
Pit Toilet Being Installed

Give Romtec a call to see how these new modular restroom models can benefit your unique site for a price you won’t find anywhere else. The modular Romtec models can be used…

  • In areas where extreme weather –like forest fires or snowpack– makes installing a permanent structure risky.
  • At venues that need to serve high guest traffic during annual festivals, concerts, or fairs.
  • With a military garrison that needs to remain mobile and still accommodate large numbers of service men and women.
White Waterless Restroom on Beach
Pair of Waterless Restrooms near Ocean

These new modular restroom models are a great way to offer superior facilities in circumstances and locations that permanent structures seem impossible or implausible. Romtec’s modular restrooms can easily be installed in any remote or non-remote area of the United States! Call today or visit to get a fast quote on the Romtec Original SST® or any of the Traditional SST® models, and make sure to say, “Make mine a modular Romtec!”

The Building You Want – The Price You Need

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