Clackamas Nature Park Restroom and Pavilion

Roadside Restroom & Pavilion at Mount Talbert Nature Park in Clackamas, OR

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Clackamas, Oregon is an unincorporated community located near Happy Valley, a suburb of Portland. It was also a former census designated place located in Clackamas County and is the home to a military base, Camp Withycombe. There are various parks and attractions in and near Clackamas including Riverside Park which is adjacent to the Clackamas River, Sah-Ha-Lee Golf Course also ...
Highway Restroom with Colored Stucco

Rest Area on Interstate 40 – New Mexico

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Interstate 40 in New Mexico is a major highway that passes east and west through the state into Arizona and Texas. This major interstate highway passes through the major city Albuquerque and continues to Santa Rosa to the east. Interstate 40 leads to Amarillo, Texas and eventually to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico and ...