Sherando Lake Recreation Area – Lyndhurst, VA

Romtec has had a long relationship with the United States Forest Service (USFS), having supplied numerous buildings across the nation for many parks and recreation areas. Therefore, the USFS came to Romtec again with the desire for a combination restroom and shower building for Sherando Lake.

Located in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in Virginia, the Sherando Lake Recreation area is a lakeside camping site with numerous activities for visitors to enjoy. The Lake features hiking trails and fishing for active outdoor activities, and picnicking in shaded areas or even on the sandy beaches. On hot days, visitors can take a dip in the lake and enjoy the refreshing cool water.

For this project, the USFS purchased a combination bathroom/shower house, divided into a side for men, a side for women, and a mechanical room in between. Mechanical rooms are often used for storage and for easy access to the utilities for maintenance, but in this case the mechanical room also houses a water heater for warm showers and a mop sink to easily clean up messes. Each restroom features multiple restroom stalls and two shower stalls, one of which follows the American Disability Act (ADA) guidelines, allowing for maneuvering space in the shower stall for those with disabilities.

The building itself is composed of smooth-face gray block with a Cedar Board and Batten siding and a stone veneer wainscot. All of the doors, door frames, kick proof wall vents, and gable vents are a powder-coat finish for a sleek look and durability. Inside the restroom are high-efficiency china toilets separated into individual stalls by phenolic partitions.

The Sherando Lake Recreation Area is full of natural beauty and wonder, and is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city. With the addition of this restroom, visitors can experience the great outdoors while still enjoying the convenience of a functioning restroom and shower. The United States Forest Service has further enabled visitors of all types and abilities to enjoy Sherando Lake with the installment of a Romtec restroom/shower building.