Camp Shelly – South Lake Tahoe, CA

Romtec designed, supplied, and constructed a bathhouse building for Camp Shelly at South Lake Tahoe, California. The new building is a large addition to this popular campgrounds, and it includes two large multiuser restrooms with two shower stalls each and an individual washroom on the side of the building. Camp Shelly offers multiple sites for family camping, each with its own picnic table, fire pit, and bear-proof food storage lockers. Aside from having access to these comforts at the campsite, the Lake Tahoe area is famous for the wide variety of recreational opportunities it presents to visitors. The lake itself is a source of entertainment during the summer months with rentals available for kayaks, boats, and even fishing gear. The high elevations of the area surrounding Lake Tahoe make it a popular destination for winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile tours, and many more activities. Romtec’s turnkey construction crew completed the installation of the sidewalks and additional site-work for this combined shower and restroom building, according to the specifications of the Livermore Area Recreation & Parks District, or LARPD.