Catalina Island Conservancy – Catalina Island, CA

Romtec recently worked with the Catalina Island Conservancy in California, providing 5 waterless restrooms for a major expansion of the hiking trails on the island. 27 miles of trails were added stemming off larger trails and looping back for more enjoyable hiking. One issue for supplying buildings on this project was the limited access on the island. Typically on projects, the installing contractor will purchase many common installation items, like screws or glue, locally to reduce the building cost. With no access to a local hardware store, Romtec included every item needed for the complete installation down to the last screw for all five buildings. The new trail system is meant to encourage visitors to enjoy the beautiful island without committing to a difficult all-day hiking excursion. Visitors to the island now have many more options to comfortably enjoy the scenery of Catalina Island.