Gorman Pool – Kansas City, MO

Romtec designed and supplied two new buildings for Gorman Pool in Kansas City, Missouri. Gorman Pool is a public pool that is managed by the City. Prior to being owned by the City, Gorman Pool was owned by YMCA but had been shut down. The two Romtec buildings were installed alongside several other renovations to prepare the pool for its re-opening which took place on the 4th of July in 2018. Meeting the needs of the public in this application required several building features that are common in community pool settings. The largest building actually serves several purposes with a ticket/concession window at the entrance of the pool, a lifeguard room with access to staff areas, nine exterior showers, large men’s and women’s bathrooms, and two family changing rooms. The smaller utility building has a matching exterior and is used to store chemical supplies onsite for the pool and other maintenance. The new Gorman Pool is the perfect place to beat the summer heat in Kansas City!