Laos Transit Center – Tucson, AZ

Romtec designed, supplied, and installed a Double Sidewalk Restroom for the Laos Transit Center in Tucson, Arizona. The Laos Transit Center was the first bus depot established by Sun Tran in Tucson and is named after Roy Laos Sr. who founded the Old Pueblo Transit Company. In 2016, Sun Tran recorded over 15 million passenger trips for the year. Serving the thousands of passengers every day required a restroom that could handle the high traffic of the bus station and the wear and tear involved. Romtec’s Sidewalk Restroom was designed for busy, urban applications just like this one. This Sidewalk Restroom was designed as a double and had its handwashing sinks placed on the exterior to encourage users to use the facilities and then move on, keeping restroom traffic flowing. The design also included the solid steel structure to be powder coated in “silk grey” to match the surrounding bus terminals at the Transit Center. The Roy Laos Transit Center is now home to the first Double Sidewalk Restroom from Romtec. Contact us today, and get started on your Sidewalk Restroom project!