Logandale Trails System – Logandale, NV

Waterless Restroom in Recreational Area of Nature Preserve
Waterless Restroom with Colored CMU Exterior and Shingles

Romtec designed, supplied, and installed two vault restrooms for the Logandale Trails System in Nevada. The desert getaway is only 45 miles away from Las Vegas and offers over 200 miles of trails. The uses for these trails vary depending on what area you are in. In the western area, the trails are more suitable for horseback riding, while trails in the northern area are more tailored for mountain biking. One of the most popular uses of the trails is for off-road vehicles like ATVs, dirt bikes, and other off-highway vehicles. This trail system is a rich desert environment that is home to several rare and protected species of plants and animals. Due to this, recreation is limited to the marked trails and locations. Camping is available throughout the trail system in designated areas, and campers must pack out what they bring in. The only comforts provided at the remote location are the two Romtec restroom buildings. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own water, food, and supplies necessary to enjoy their favorite activities. The Logandale Trails System is a beautiful desert region that is a great example of balancing recreation and preserving the natural environment.