Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park – Oakland, OR

Single User Waterless Restroom in Equestrian Campground
Waterless Restroom in Undeveloped Memorial Park
Solar Panel Used to Provide Power for Lighting
Antiquated Memorial Park with Dirt Road and Vault Restroom
SST Traditional Waterless Restroom Installed in Rural Park Campground

Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park in Oakland, Oregon required two new vault restrooms for a new campground. The 1,100-acre park was originally established in 1983 when Mildred Kanipe left it to Douglas County. This park contains a variety of ecosystems and supports a rich diversity of plant and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy birdwatching while using any of the many hiking and equestrian trails. In recent years, the Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park, the group that manages the park, have developed 20 campsites. Additionally, the park also started to host an annual 5k/9k race. Historic structures dating back to the original settlement are still standing at the park today. The new Romtec SST Traditional restrooms were installed near the newly developed campgrounds. This project was located very close to home for Romtec, and having a chance to design and supply restrooms for a park in our local community was a great opportunity for Romtec.