Mountain View Champions Park – Aloha, OR

Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts

Romtec designed and supplied several buildings and structures at the Mountain View Champions Park in Aloha, Oregon. Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District has done a great job developing this park and setting a great example of accessibility in community parks. One of the goals of this park was to develop an inclusive park that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities in the community. Every aspect of the park was designed with accessibility in mind, including the playground equipment, smooth paved walkways, and of course ADA accessible restrooms. Among these accessible features is a new and impressive ball field that is among Oregon’s first accessible athletic fields. The field features a synthetic turf surface, is open year round, and is suitable for multiple sports. Alongside the field are bleachers for spectators, complete with Romtec shelters for a comfortable viewing experience. Romtec also provided the concession and restroom buildings in the park, both of which include ADA compliant water fixtures. Additionally, two family changing rooms are located on the end of the restroom building.