Rahway River Park – Rahway, NJ

Rahway River Park is a historic public recreation site in Rahway, NJ where several improvements were recently completed. The 124-acre park was first constructed in 1926 and has continuously provided this highly urbanized area with scenic views and passive space due to its Olmsted Design, a landscape architecture style known for elegance and therapeutic aesthetics. This calming environment offers numerous recreation opportunities, striking a balance between health/fitness and relaxation. These activities include a scenic walking trail, 6-lane sports track, multiple softball and soccer fields, and one of the first ever community pools to be placed in a public park in the United States. Romtec provided two new pavilions and a large multiuser restroom with storage space and a large concession area. This park was originally designed by Olmsted Brothers Firm owned by the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted, the Nation’s first landscape Architect. His views on recreational spaces in cities defined this type of urban park.