Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area – Pleasanton, CA

Romtec designed, supplied, and installed a concession building for the Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area in Pleasanton, California. Shadow Cliffs is a large 266-acre park with an 80-acre lake. Swimming and fishing in the lake are permitted and events are frequently hosted at the park, including events like fishing derbies, triathlons, and naturalist classes exploring the park. The concession building is located near one of the boat ramps on the beach for easy access by visitors. A large storage room accounts for most of the building’s footprint, with the rest of the space dedicated to the concession space and a battery charging room at the back of the building. Customers being served will be sheltered beneath an timber truss roof extension. Temperatures inside the building are regulated with a mini-split system to keep individual rooms at their preferred temperatures. Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area has been transformed into an impressive park by the East Bay Regional Park District over time since being opened originally in 1971.