Southwest Park – Hoboken, NJ

Romtec provided the design and supply of a specialized utility building for the new Southwest Park in Hoboken, New Jersey. Southwest Park is the first of Hoboken’s “resiliency” parks with many design elements targeted at providing environmentally friendly management of stormwater. This 1-acre park includes permeable pavers and passive space to allow stormwater to percolate into an underground retention system with a capacity to hold 200,000 gallons of rainwater. The Romtec supplied building also included stormwater retention features. The V-shaped roof on the utility building collects rainwater and sends it through a filter. Then, it is stored in tanks for pets and visitors to use. The utility building houses electrical controls for the park for lighting, pumps, and other features and the park. The building includes two stories so that the electrical controls could be located above the flood plain. Southwest Park is a great example of a city implementing green infrastructure while benefitting their community simultaneously.