Tamolitch Falls – Willamette National Forest, OR

Double Vault Restroom at Swimming Hole
Rustic Log Post Supports on Vault Restroom
Waterless Restroom Facility with Log Post Supports

The United States Forest Service contacted Romtec for the design, supply, and installation of a new vault restroom. The waterless restroom was needed at the Tamolitch Falls Trailhead along the McKenzie River Trail. Tamolitch Falls, also known as Blue Pool, has been growing in popularity recently and has even been listed as one of “America’s Best Swimming Holes.” It is renowned for its pristine blue water, and despite the name, the waterfall ledge is completely dry. The pool is filled from an underground segment of the McKenzie River as it seeps through the porous lava rock below. Because of this the water is consistently very cold, swimmers should be wary of this and the rocky terrain. Visitors can access the pool from the Tamolitch Falls Trailhead. It is roughly a 2 mile hike and just off the main trail. Blue Pool is a local favorite and is definitely worth seeing if you’re hiking along the McKenzie River Trail!