Unionville Community Park – East Marlborough, PA

Beautiful Community Park Restroom Timber Lap Siding
Extended Roof Gable with Notched Joints
Restroom with Timber Post Extended Roof

Romtec designed and supplied this restroom for the new Unionville Community Park in East Marlborough, Pennsylvania. The 20-acre Park’s budget was funded through several grants and contributions from local and state government, as well as several local businesses. Some cool features of the park are paved walkways around the park’s wetlands, a ballfield, children’s play area, and a dog park. Romtec value-engineered this restroom to help stay in the city’s budget. Notched joints were used rather than metal brackets on a large covered picnic area, this reduced costs and added a simple appearance. Additionally, including a covered picnic area on the restroom combined the comfort of a pavilion with substantial cost savings by purchasing a single, multipurpose structure. The new Unionville Park is a great place for the community to gather and take in the beautiful landscape of their area.