Waterfront Park – City of Martinez, CA

Romtec designed and supplied several buildings at Waterfront Park in the City of Martinez, California. This is one of the city’s most prominent parks and sits along the bay offering views of green space in this densely packed urban area. The park has been the focus of a large improvement project in an effort to upgrade existing amenities and install new facilities to support visitors. Athletic fields in the park received renovations including new irrigation systems, field grading, lighting, and walkways to support league play and recreational games. Romtec was tasked with providing the design and supply of two public restroom buildings with several years between them as the project continued. The smaller of the two buildings was installed first and includes two single user restrooms designed for ADA accessibility. The second building is much larger and includes two multiuser restrooms with a total of eight toilets. Exterior wall surfaces are treated with a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating to protect against vandalism. The City of Martinez has devoted significant amounts of time and energy into the Waterfront Park to provide the community with access to a high-quality park that meets their needs.