Custom Golf Course Restroom Building – Ft. Gordon

The Project

Fort Gordon knows that golf courses are one of the most valued amenities by those serving our country. They provide recreation and relaxation opportunities in a sport often financially out of reach for service members were it not for courses on our military bases. Fort Gordon needed a public restroom facility that went beyond simple restroom fixtures. They needed restrooms, a storage and equipment room, and a covered area for golfers to gather during dangerous or inclement weather conditions. Fort Gordon was asking Romtec to provide for all these needs and at the same time, provide a very attractive building that spoke to the look of their beautiful course; a seamless blend of functionality and beauty. The base provided Romtec with the perfect site, a small clearing in a wooded area bordering their beautiful golf course. The cart path would take golfers directly in front of the restroom and offer benches, cover, and water dispensers, as well as the restrooms.

The Solution

Romtec proposed a simple Sierra II with a rear storage area. They offered a unique and very large covered area that was simply an extension of the building roof. The truss structure was 2 x 6 structural steel tubing, powder coated black. When paired with a custom green metal roof it blended beautifully with the surrounding trees that were purposely spared in the construction. The single user unisex restrooms offer the facilities needed whether golf parties are all men, all women, or a combination of both. The extra-large roof extension offers shelter from the Georgia sun, rain, or lightening storms. Romtec added an extra measure of security and comfort by proposing and installing a “state-of-the-art” lightening rod on the peak of the roof. The interior is ceramic tile on the floors and the walls, making for easy maintenance as well as a beautiful look and texture. The fixtures are commercial grade but without the cold or harsh look commercial fixtures can have. Romtec designed, built, and installed the facility for Fort Gordon and the entire project was a success. The structure is more than functional, it is an attractive facility that says “country club” more than a military golf course, and one of which both Fort Gordon and Romtec are very proud.

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