Great Accessory Options: Bottle Filling Stations

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Romtec is a design-build firm that offers all types of buildings and structures in a wide range of applications. One of the largest markets we work in is the parks and recreation sector. Many of our buildings and structures are constructed in public spaces designated for recreation. Facilities in these locations typically utilize features that benefit public visitors. These features can be anything from shade structures to benches. One building accessory option that is growing in popularity in parks and rec applications is the water bottle refill station (also called hydration station) as a part of public drinking fountains. This building accessory is simple to add and it can benefit your community in many different ways.

One of the big reasons that bottle refill stations are so popular is that they are a part of a growing public emphasis toward generating less waste. From plastic shopping bags to straws, cities are taking a more active approach toward preventing waste. Not only does this reduce the demand on many public services like disposal, but it also lessens the impact on landfills. Bottle refill stations help facilitate the easy use of reusable bottles. More park visitors using more reusable bottles helps reduce waste created for public disposal. Cities are attracted to the reduced maintenance costs as well as the improved environmental impacts.

For park visitors, bottle refill stations offer added convenience when enjoying public spaces. As America becomes more advanced so too does the social consciousness that surrounds our recreational activities. As such, many recreationalists tend to be focused on personal health and wellness. Hydration is a key component toward getting the most out of physical activities, and easy access to water is valuable to health-conscious individuals. It is not uncommon to see people carry their own water bottles everywhere as a habit to stay hydrated. Bottle refill stations are a great way the city parks and rec spaces can assist and even encourage drinking more water as part of a healthy lifestyle or as an alternative to sugary beverages.

Bottle refill stations also eliminate a major stigma some people have toward public drinking fountains. Because of the design, drinking fountains can put your mouth and sinus into close proximity to areas where germs can collect. In occasional circumstances, drinking fountains can get misused in ways that transmit unsanitary bacteria, and wildlife can at times access drinking fountains and shed germs. Although rates of transmission for sickness and disease are very low from drinking fountains, many people have a stigma related to their design and may be unwilling to use them. Bottle refill stations are an easy way to provide another option for accessing clean water to public visitors.

Romtec works on all types of projects for parks and recreation applications, and on many new building projects, bottle refill stations are an increasingly popular accessory option. By providing this option, public parks offer a resource that can benefit the environment and the local health of its park visitors. Romtec is able to source many types of bottle refill stations to fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your unique project. Contact Romtec today to learn more about all of our accessory options for your public buildings.

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