Ice Hockey Public Restroom Building – St. Anthony, MN

The Project

St. Anthony Village came to Romtec with a unique request for a public restroom building that they had never heard of before that day, but have many times since. The village required a comfort station/restroom facility for their park. Nothing unusual in that. They had the usual picnic areas, play areas, even basketball courts, but what was unusual, at least to Romtec in Oregon, was the outdoor ice hockey area. Because of the winter ice hockey opportunities in Minnesota, the village requested a unique room, with a unique function; a simple ‘warming room’. The room would be equipped with benches and lockers for players to use, and would have standard windows on the side, different from typical public restroom windows. But, most important of all, the warming room would be supplied with heaters to warm hockey players on typical cold days in St. Anthony Village. The restroom building facility needed to be aesthetically pleasing, meet the needs of all users, winter or summer, stand up to heavy traffic with commercial grade appurtenances, and be inviting as well. It needed to take advantage of natural lighting, as much as possible and provide good commercial grade lighting.

The Solution

Romtec may be located where outdoor ice skating is not possible, but they loved the idea of the warming room for those than can enjoy outdoor skating. Romtec designed a standard multi-user restroom building with user-friendly china fixtures, but commercial grade that would stand up to heavy public use. Romtec used large rectangular skylights to pull in as much natural light as possible during daylight hours and used heavy-duty commercial lighting for after dark or cloudy days. Romtec added three clear windows on the warming room end of the building, again commercial grade but with a feeling of home. The restroom building was fully insulated to keep in the warm air from the commercial heaters. The village went with the Romtec standard split-face block exterior wall finish but spiced it up with a ‘rust red’ roof coloring. The end result is an attractive public restroom that meets the needs of all potential users of the park, while giving the village a building that is easy to maintain, and knock-out attractive to boot.

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