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How to Time Your Building Project

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Every project that comes through Romtec has a timeline. Some shorter, some longer, but often related to opening dates in the spring or summer for new structures. Accurate timing of a new building project can make or break this goal. To perfectly time your next building project, Romtec recommends understanding our timelines, being prepared, and always giving the project extra time.

Building Design, Supply, and Construction Timelines

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Romtec has spent many years streamlining our process, and can provide typical timelines for our end.

  • After we receive a Purchase Order for one of our structures, our team gets to work on the first plan set. The customer can expect to receive these plans 2-4 weeks after Romtec receives the purchase order.
  • Revising the plan set, based on customers’, and building departments’ comments, typically takes two weeks for each revision.
  • After Romtec receives “Notice to proceed” on production, The building kit is produced over the next 10-16 weeks.
  • Since Romtec delivers our structures all over the nation, delivery times vary based on location, especially in remote areas that may be harder to access.

Understanding Romtec’s timelines can help our customers know what to expect and how much time to budget for plan sets, revision, and production. Romtec’s portion is just a part of the procurement process, and there are external factors that customers can prepare for to get a clearer and more accurate timeline to properly schedule their project.

How to Prepare for a Building Project

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When moving forward with a project, it’s always important to come prepared. Being prepared comes with the bonus of more control over a project and more realistic expectations, which can provide a more accurate timeline on projects. One step that can make our customers more prepared is to conduct a geotechnical survey on the site, which can provide Romtec with valuable information about the soil and prevent any surprises during the construction phase of the project.

Another step that customers can be prepare for is the Building Department review, an essential part of the process. Romtec customers can consult with the Building Department on the local building codes and requirements (everywhere is unique) and get a timeline of the building department review. The former provides Romtec with further information to design the structure to meet local codes and standards (reducing the need for revisions), and the latter allows our customers to budget for the time required by the building departments, which can often be anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on the department.

When to Start a Building Project

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Not every circumstance can be prepared for, like those above. Every project is different and unique, and there are a variety of unforeseen circumstances that could heavily impact timelines. One key rule to planning is to always budget extra time for these unforeseen circumstances. By budgeting extra time into the project, our customers can save themselves a significant amount of stress and better ensure that the project will be completed on time.

One final thing that our customers can do to have their buildings installed before the summer is to begin the project in the winter. Starting in winter allows our customers to get a head start on the next spring and summer season, use valuable time for planning and preparation, and ultimately begin construction in the spring for a summer grand opening.

Design-Build Custom Steel Pavilion

Romtec is dedicated to getting our customers the best structure for their project, and we understand the importance of timelines. With the preparation detailed above, and our expertise, Romtec customers can perfectly time their building projects.

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