Festival Field Farm – Kirtland, Ohio

The Festival Field Farm Park Romtec Restroom Building Project is located in Kirtland, Ohio at the Lake Metroparks Farmpark, a park that offers activities to educate visitors on both modern and traditional farming. The Lake Metroparks Farm Park is particularly large with numerous activities for all visitors. On the map of the park, a key shows the location of notable areas such as barnyards, orchards, display gardens, vineyards, dog parks, and so much more. The legend shows areas for picnic shelters, playgrounds, scenic overlooks, and restrooms. Ponds are featured throughout the park, and there are even areas for large dogs, small dogs, and a separate dog swimming pond. During the holiday season, the Lake Metroparks Farmpark features a “Country Lights Drive Through” for families to enjoy, making this park truly a year–round treasure.

Lake Metroparks is a returning Romtec customer. In 2015, Lake Metroparks purchased a Romtec pavilion for Showman’s Circle, a section of the large farm park. When Lake Metroparks decided to buy a new restroom building, they came back to Romtec for the Festival Field Farm Park project to purchase a matching building and create a cohesive look throughout the park.

The Romtec Restroom provided for the Festival Field Farm Project features six individual unisex restrooms, three on either side of the building with a mechanical room in the center. On each side, one of the three restrooms is compliant with the American Disability Act (ADA) with enough room to maneuver a wheelchair or accommodate an assistant or caretaker.

The exterior of the restroom is a board & batten siding over CMU concrete masonry blocks. This siding was sold by Romtec, primed and ready for painting by the installing contractor, allowing the contractor to locally source the paint for the building. The bottom of the building is accented by a stone wainscot, and beside the doorways to each restroom are wall mounted lights for visibility in the evenings.

The interior of each restroom has a white china high efficiency toilet and wall mount china sinks that offer both cold and hot water for visitors to wash their hands. The hot water availability is thanks to an electric water heater in the mechanical room, an extra feature that visitors are sure to be grateful for. To match the white fixtures in the bathroom, white electric hand dryers are also present in each restroom to remove the need and waste of a paper towel dispenser.

Lake Metroparks purchased this restroom using the Ohio State Term Schedules (STS), which allows Ohio government agencies to purchase from established vendors. Vendors on this list have been reviewed and accepted to provide “competitive, economical and reasonable pricing.” Romtec is on numerous state and even federal award schedules to provide buildings nationwide.

Romtec would like to thank Lake Metroparks for their continued business and their investments into the parks for the public to enjoy. We look forward to your next project with us.