Pine Valley County Park

Pine Valley County Park is located on Old Hwy 80 in Pine Valley, California. This park has open fields and includes a sports field, a tennis court, a basketball court, and horseshoe pits for recreational activities. A playground is also on site for kids to play, making this park a family friendly environment. Regardless of what a visitors’ needs are, Pine Valley County Park offers a great open space for the public.

The Pine Valley project is unique as it is a custom fire-retardant treated log pavilion. The logs in this pavilion have been dipped into an FRX fire-retardant solution that coats the logs, which are then kiln-dried to cure. The Fire-Retardant treated wood comes in a variety of fire performance ratings for both lumber and plywood across numerous types of wood species. Romtec is proud to be able to customize buildings, an ability that gave us the knowledge and experience to incorporate this custom log treatment into the pavilion for our customer.

The pavilion is pleasant to the eye and a truly valuable addition to the park. Hand-crafted by expert Romtec woodworkers, it features an entry way on each side for convenience, and side railings and benches for seating in each of the corners. This convenient design allows for plenty of seating underneath the pavilion while also keeping an open area in the center.

While Romtec does offer standard buildings, the opportunity to provide a custom structure is always welcome and comes at no additional cost for design. Thank you to Just Construction and the County of San Diego for investing in the parks and providing the public with safe structures to enjoy. Romtec looks forward to working with you again in the future.