Sunridge Park Improvements – Rancho Cordova, CA

Custom Park Restroom at Park
Restroom with Curved Metal Roof
Fabricated Metal Decorative Columns

The Sunridge Park in Rancho Cordova, California is a 6.5 acre urban park that was designed with a focus on inclusivity for children of all abilities. Among the features of the park is an inclusive play structure and an accessible splash pad. Romtec was contacted to design and supply a compact restroom building that would match the unique design and colors present in the rest of the park. This required Romtec to fabricate a set of green metal cattails to match the pavilion structure adjacent to the restroom. Shower fixtures were installed on the exterior of the building to provide splash pad users with a rinse off station. The mechanical room on the back of the restroom provides easy access to the plumbing for maintenance personnel and storing supplies onsite. Sunridge Park been adored by Rancho Cordova community members and was even awarded the CSDA Innovative Project Award in 2014!