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Romtec is proud to have designed and supplied several new restroom buildings for splash pads. Splash pad restrooms are a great idea for several reasons. Not only do these facilities help to provide safe, durable, and hygienic conditions, but including a new restroom with a splash pad installation is a great way to meet the specific needs of each park.

Attractive Splash Pad Control Room

In a recent project, Oregon City designed its splash pad in conjunction with a large Romtec restroom building. The facility included several design features to make management of the splash pad easier. The restroom building included multi-user ADA bathrooms, private changing stalls, a storage/supply room, and a comprehensive mechanical room that houses the splash pad components and controls. This design provided the City with a restroom building that fulfills the needs of operating a successful and enjoyable community splash pad.

Park Splash Pad

A previous project in Aztec, New Mexico made use of one of Romtec’s low-cost standard building designs for its splash pad project. The standard model was Romtec’s Sierra IV. The City made a few design changes to accommodate the splash pad controls and additional components in the restroom’s central mechanical room. This approach also provided durable restroom facilities and reliable housing for the splash pad controls, creating a very economical solution for this city.

These two projects demonstrate how a Romtec restroom building can be configured to help a city meet its goals for a splash pad both in terms of design and cost. If you are interested in learning more about the project in Aztec, check out our Building Solution for this Urban Park.

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