Exterior Design Options

Siding Options

Two Room Restroom with Stone Veneer

Romtec has all of the siding options you need to get the exact building you want, we can even source local materials from your region. Siding is one of the most prominent aesthetic features of a building, and with Romtec, you can match existing styles or themes or start something new!

Roofing Options

Small Restroom with Affordable Solar Panel

Roofing options are key design features from a functional standpoint, a maintenance standpoint, and an aesthetic standpoint. Romtec designs buildings and structures with all types of roofing options. From cost to appearance, we make sure you get the best roofing for your project.

Structural/Hardware Options

Large Restroom and Concession Facility in Sports Park

Romtec can design and supply all types of custom features and hardware to meet your project goals. These features can be anything from building roof extensions to adding skylights. Romtec provides the design expertise and experience necessary to add the features you want!

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